describe essay

How would you describe a person who is suffering from cancer and the health is deteriorating by day?

I needa use for essay, thank you v much!

Essay Question for Bush Supporters: describe the historical foundations for the concept of the separation of?

Church and state.

Describe the feactures of satellite moon gathered till date by scientists ? 10 points essay question….?

If you would translate your query into comprehensible English, I might try to answer. Are you asking about data collected by artificial satellites of our Moon or something else entirely?

What are the characteristics of a chordate? Describe the evolution of craniates, including the development of?

bio essay exam

Identify one type of organism that reproduces without the use of meiosis. Describe the organism, the type of?

Please help, i do not understand this part and it is a part for my AP Biology essay

Can anyone suggest me a topic for my explaining essay. i have to reseach the place and describe it?

it cannot be a town, village, state or country. also if you can provide me the name of book or any other source from where I can research about it.thanks

What is an appropriate word to use to describe a thought or emotion that is passed down through generations.?

For example the fear of witchcraft. We don’t know exactly why we are scared of it but by videos and essays of people who have lived before us, we automatically get the feeling that it is something bad and we look away to those who aren’t scared of it and may perhaps use it.

How exactly to describe walls….?

……closing in on you. Literally. Stone walls closing slowly in on your trapped body, about to pulverize you. I need it to be dramatic, as it is supposed to be a descriptive essay that traverses the various senses and emotions. I tried and described mostly the coldness of the stone on the character’s skin, but […]

Describe how Shakespeare uses the supernatural motif to create dramatic tension and develop characters.3quotes?

this is a very important question that i need to make a very powerful argument with. for my Intensive English class. so if anyone could help out… AND FAST. that would be great! I need to have 3 quotes from the direct text. This is one of 4 essay questions that i need to answer […]

Describe in detail a perception you now have of the child on whom you did your Child Study. How will this help?

you need an essay on that subjectIt is about social-cognitive behavior and moral development.try they will have someone do the essay for you for a small fee.