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Saving a document to a flash drive!?

Well I typed a 20 page essay on Microsoft 2007, I don’t have a printer so I had to save it to a flash drive then print it out on our main printer downstairs. Well well I plugged it it, the whole format got messed up, since your main desktop is Microsoft 2000. Like on […]

A. To what extent, if any, is Dracula useful as an historical document to study the condition of women in the?

I have to have a 5 page analytical essay over this topic and I was wondering if anyone could give me some pointers to start off with. the book is Dracula by Bram Stoker.

How do I transfer a microsoft word document from a Mac to a PC?

im just wondering if it works because im planning on getting a mac and i want to make sure that if i type an essay on my mac and put it on a flash drive to go and print it out in school, i want to make sure it works because my school runs windows […]


Alright so I’m in Brooklyn, New York. I’ve sat through about a month of summer school because I failed the global history regents in June 2009, due to the lack of time I had to complete the two essays. I’m not complaining because other people passed without a problem, but I just have a problem […]

I didn’t save my last document on my microsoft word and i exited out, how do i get it back?

My dad just exited out my document with my essays for school and I really need them back! Help!

HELP Document Recovery: Essay due tonight!?

I typed up a paper Microsoft Word, saved it, and left it up on the screen. My mom walked by, deleted all the text in the document and saved it as a blank page under the same file name.PLEASE HELP! How can I recover it?!?

Is there a way to undo backspacing your whole paper in a document?

I was typing a personal essay for school and accidentally highlighted the whole paper and back spaced the whole thing then saved the deleted one.

How do I put a word count on my document?

I have to do an essay for school, and my teacher told me I have to put a word count right on my document.Can you help me out how to do it?Thanks! (I am using open office).

How do you properly parenthetically document something?

crap! I accidently posted this in software the first timeneways…How do you properly parenthetically document something?As part of my semester projects for one of my classes I have to write a two page essay based on my research, and he told us to use paranthetical documentation.How do you properly do that? (It’s a history class, […]

What is wrong with my word document?

I have to make an essay so i did half of it at home. Then i copied it to my thumbdrive and tried to put it into my school’s computer. The document didn’t even come up. I ignored it and finished the second half at my school. When I came back home, The second half […]