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How do you think Marilyn Monroe lived the american dream?

I’m doing an essay on american dreams and i have to get opinions of others, Please help. thanks (:

American Dream and Philosopher suggestions?

My name is Joyce and I’m doing an American dream essay on the Great Gatsby and the American dream. We must use a philosopher’s theory and reason as to why the dream is an illusion or not. I had Plato in mind, as he did have theories on the ideal and non-ideal word, but I’m […]

PLEASE HELP WITH A MIDSUMMER nights dream essay?

i need to write a five paragraph essay on which couple in a midsummer nights dream is the best example of true lovegive me as many reasons why you think a certain couple is the besttell me why you think the others aren’t better examples of true lovePLEASE PLEASE PPLLEEAASSEE

In the book ” Of Mice And Men” What characters other than Lennie and George had a dream?

I have to do an essay for my honors English class, and I want to know what characters other than them had a dream and what was there dream and any evidence that supports it

Anyone can help me out with Shakespears play, A Midsummer night’s dream?

I need to write an essay on this topics of the play. can someone help me out with this? PLEASE. i didnt even read the whole play. Thanks so much!4. While Theseus claims to be a rational creature who doesn’t believe in fairies, he is himself a central figure in the fairy story that is […]

Can the American Dream work in other countries?

I’m learning about the “American Dream” in history and I was just wondering, could the American Dream work in other countries? Like for example, give people who aren’t in America freedom. I have to write an essay and I was just wondering if I can add “helping out other countries”.

Can someone do my what is the American dream essay?

Directions- essay should be at least 3 paragraphs (intro body conclusion) The American dream shapes all of American history. It is the foundation of the core believes and values that all Americans adhere. Explain what the American dream is and evaluate whether or not the American dream still exists. Do you think it is still […]

Whats a conclusion for a midsummer night’s dream essay?

You restate your thesis and your arguments and close with something to keep the reader thinking.

Essay about my dream college?

i have to write an essay about my dream college.. my dream college is UCLA, because i want to become a doctor.. The problem is that i dont know anything about UCLA or any other college. I need some reasons for why UCLA would be a good college for my career choice.

How should I start a descriptive essay on a dream of mine? ?

I need help! The first paragraph can be about the comfortability of a bed and then move on to dreams. Please someone help