early?!?!?!?!? essay

What do i have to do to get into brown university early admission?

as of may my sat scores arent so great, 540 critical reading, 620 math. my gpa is around a 3.65 maybe higher now. i ve taken 3 ap classes so far and im a rising senior. ive taken a number of independent classes that i take at home. ive been a rhythmic gymnast on a […]

Should I bother apply early action to Stanford University?

GPA: 3.98 (Unweighted)Rank: I’m fairly certain that I’m in the top 10% SAT: 2230APS/honors taken during high school: 10-11SAT II: Math 2 -> 760 Chemistry–> 780Clubs:MUN ——-> 4 years General AmbassadorThe Bridge (Anti-discrimination and charity club) ——–> President/ founderFrench Club—> President NHS FNHS Work:I started a small website developer company that I use to help […]

Leave home early to go back to my flat for some breathing space?

I am at uni just now and fortunate enough to have my own flat which I rent privately near the uni. I get a nursing bursary (studying nursing) which covers my rent and electric/gas bills each month. I get a little help from my family for the internet bill and the rest I cover myself […]

What kind of essay questions can be asked on the decline of the church’s prestige during early century?

it is for european history AP! 10 points fro any good ideas..thanx..lol

Evaluate how the art images from the early 20th century comment on human condition?

I just need a way to start out. A thesis statement would be great. The paintings for this essay are included below for eidence.Paintings:1. George Gros. Republican Automatons. 19202. Max Beckman. Group Portrait, Eden Bar. 19233. Erich Heckel. Self-Portrait 19174. Glenn O’Coleman. Minetta Lane 19285. Edvard Munch. Three Girls on a Bridge 1918

Japanese militarism during early 20th century?

hi I’m writing an document based question essay, and I need help with coming up with a thesis.the topic is:Analyze the causes of Japanese Militarism during the 19th and early 20th century. Explain the relationship to nationalism.

Should I apply Early Decision to Brown or am I way too late?

I’m a high school senior and i’m applying to brown university.the thing is, i was planning on doing early decision the whole timeand now i realized that i fell really behind. It’s October 13th, and then the application is due November 1st if I do early decision. I asked one teacher for letter of recommendation […]

Can i get into brown early with 3.6 gpa and 2300 sat score?

this being that i have amazing recs, awards, ecs, community service, essays, standardized testing etc.freshman year: i had like a b/b-sophomore year: all a-, except 2 b+junior year: im predicting that i have all a’s, maybe 1 a-and senior year: all a’s(there’s an upward trend)i had not taken any honors classes or ap (skool doesnt […]

Ivy League Early?!?!?!?!?

I got a 2130 on the SAT, I’ve been in Mock Trial for 5 years, I have my own non-profit organization that sends books and school supplies to children in Nigeria and is actually really going well, I take both Latin and Spanish, I take a WHOLE BUNCH of AP’s, I am in the two […]

Any early music scholars here?

I’m writing an essay on the difficulties of giving accurate performances of pre-Baroque music due to notational ambiguities. In the couple of hours that I’ve been searching, I have found A LOT of resources, but I was hoping that someone knowledgeable about the subject could recommend some books/articles.Thanks in advance/