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Best laptop to buy for a cost effective price?

I am looking to buy a laptop as I am going to college and what suggestions as to the best one to buy. Prices that I am willing to pay are between £300 up to a limit of £500. Required features of laptop:- Watch DVDs- write and save essays so perhaps a decent memory?-Possibly play […]

How effective were nuclear fall-out shelters built in the United States during the Cold War?

I have to write and essay and I would like to know a brief explanation of how effective they were because I can’t seem to find anything online.

How effective are chupa chups’ marketing strategies?

I know they use the four P’s but i just need promotion and pricing.Please do not state obvious things like tv ads or that they just cost 80c as i need to write an essay using this information.Thank You.

S Congress effective in exercising legislative oversight of the federal bureaucracy? Answer each of the follow?

please i need help my essay is due in two days!

How can we get business teams to be effective?

I have to write an essay on how to get business teams to become effective but i cant find any sources on that. Can somebody help me, please?

How do I write an effective introduction to an essay?

I have an essay on Hamlet and all I need to know is the format for the opening paragraph.

What is the most important key to an effective essay?

a. a focused thesis sentence. b. five paragraphs in the body. c. intersting supporting details. d. a concluding sentence.

Are teachers really “teachers”? And just how effective is the American school system?

I know it’s long, but hear me out…Teachers. I mean, sure, they can help you if you ask them for help, but most of the time, my teachers tell us to “read our textbook”. I’m doing all of the learning on my own by reading my textbook! Why would I need a teacher? Why should […]

Which of the following thesis statements for a comparison or contrast essay is the most effective?

Answer choices:A. The break-in methods used and items taken in the burglary on 6th street are quite similar to the burglary on 13th street.B. Which came first, the chicken or the egg?C. This essay will focus on the similarities between two famous Celebrities? D. Two football teams went to the state playoffs this year. I’m […]

How do you write an effective critique of a biography?

I have to write a 10 page essay critiquing a biography written on a visual or literary artist. I chose Sylvia Plath. But, in order to effectively critique a biography written on someone, my guess would be that you would have to know that person. If you do not you cannot effectively say whether the […]