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Can someone please read my essay and correct any errors?

Can someone please help me with my essay? 10pts? Thank you so much. .One of the most interesting people I’ve ever met is Vincent M. Spade. Vincent M. Spade is man who most people would consider mysterious because of his attire. Although he lives an ordinary life, his job as a spy makes him stand […]

Can someone check for grammar errors?

please check for error in grammar! As I read the essay “Not All Men are Sly Foxes” by Armin Brott, it brought a verysignificant question into my thoughts. Is sociality really portraying male parents as he says? I went to grab a nearby book I had since childhood and decided to test out his hypothesis. […]

Can you find any punctuation errors in this essay?

Dylan Thomas’ “Do Not Go Gentle into That Good Night” and John Donne’s “Death Be Not Proud” are two poems that explore the helplessness associated with growing old and progression towards death. Although the poems are against death each have a different stance about the way it should be approached. Both poems show contradiction views […]

I need help with correcting an errors. Please reply with the revised essay!?

Have you ever done something life threatening and crazy? Don’t ever try the following! We are highly trained professionals at this (seriously we aren’t).Summer of 2004 was a scorching summer. I often chugged gallons of water. My cousin, Khoa, and I were so bored on that day. We already did whatever fun things we could […]

Where do errors in transcription in RNA come from and why can there errors be tolerated by RNA and not DNA ?

I’m having trouble on an AP Bio essay question. Any help would be really appreciated !

Can you find any errors or plagarism or anything wrong with my essay?

Writing one for my Asian religions 101 class at WSUshaving your head, eating leaves, being homeless and meditating all day sound like fun to you? Well, that’s the life Buddha lived in search of finding happiness. In approximately 560 BCE, the founder of Buddhism, Siddhartha Gautama later known as Buddha was born in the city […]

Please help check essay, grammar or any errors?

I know its not finished but please check if there is any grammar errors or any words I should change.Anna Quindlen’s article for Newsweek, “Turning the Page,” focuses on the future of literacy and its evolution from paper to virtual. Many speculate that libraries are at huge risk of becoming huge “storage facilities,” and that […]

Identify the errors of the following sentences and rewrite the sentence if there are errors:?

A. Sentence Fragmentb. Zigzag sentencec. Unnecessary shift in point of view- persond. Unnecessary shift in numbere. Unnecessary shift in Tensef. Unnecessary shift in Voiceg. Unnecessary shift in Moodh. Run- on Sentencei. Fused sentencej. Comma splicek. Faulty parallelisml. Dangling modifierm. Squinting modifiern. Misplaced modifiero. Ambiguous Pronoun Referencep. Faulty coordination and Subordinationq. Less emphaticr. Loose Sentences. Periodic […]


J’ai deux freres et deux parents. Je suis le plus jeune de ma famille. Mon première frere Kevin est stupide. Il a vingt-quatre ans. Je ne l’aime pas beaucoup. Mon Deuxieme frere Brian est tres fort et drole. J’aime mon frere Brian beaucoup. Il a les cheveux noirs et yeux noirs. Il est Athletique. Il […]

Headline News: Errors made in Pat Tillmans death! Read this essay by his brother! What do you think?

How many more before the end of the war? [external link] …