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What are some good facts about Bipolar Disorder?

I have to do an essay and I’m stuck on what else to write for this illness. If anyone can help that would be very appreciated.


I’m writing a persuasive essay for honors english and It’s about being prejudice and I’m doing mine on my friend being prejudice about Duke. I’ve got 3 paragrahs so far, so I need more information and facts! HELP

Can you please help me find more facts on cancer?

It is for an essay for school….

For teh SAT essay would you recommend writing about personal experences, or using facts from history or lit. ?

i would use both they love when you use facts and personal experience but if you had to only pick one experience for mine though i used both it makes it seem that you know alot about the subject

What is a good essay that has GOOD facts on how Pit Bulls are good dogs?

i am doing a essay on how Pit bulls are not dangerous animals?

(Recommended to grown ups) Who here likes to get informed of facts?

I believe that if you spend 10 minutes reading this essay, you will be better informed than if you listen to a lifetime’s worth of Major Media news. This article has two parts:1. Cultural and general info 2. Political info. Note: I’ve explained everything.Any answers before reading the whole thing will prove to be wrong.Specially […]

What are some interesting biographical facts about julius ceasar?

for biographical research essay

What are the facts and history on the sagamore bridge?

please be very detailed and specific with your answers as possible. aslo make sure that there is enough information to write a five paragraph essay

Does anyone know any interesting facts about the Mississippi River?

Im studying on it and need a few facts about the history of it so i can write a documentary essay. please only credited facts no fakes. Thanks!

10-15 interesting facts about Malaysia- detailed- optional…?

Writing an essay on Malaysia must have facts to expand on.