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Am i going to fail and stay down?

i got a D in english all because of a stupid twilight film techniques essay. apparently i wrote the essay properly but didn’t talk about the film techniques. my teacher says all my other has been very well done, and i still got a fricking D! WHAT A LOAD OF BULLS.H.I.T. alright so i live […]

Can portable hard drives fail like USBs?

My USB failed me and all of my essays and lab reports got wiped (I tried recovering it and it worked). I decided to buy a Samsung portable hard drive (160GB) since I heard that they don’t fail like USBs. Now I hear that portable hard drives have a limited cycle too and can fail […]

How do i go about writing a essay on how to fail a class?

writing an essay on how a person could fail a class, in the essay it has to be serious and a little funny

Can my professor fail me if I fail his final exam?

I just took my final exam today for one of my upper division classes and while I did study, it was pretty hard. I wouldn’t be worried because I have an A in the class right now, but in his syllabus it says that if you do not pass the final you do not pass […]

Would I fail this essay?

I wrote a very good essay the other day for my history class. Out of the three focus corrections I misunderstood one of them . The essay was supposed to be two pages but i made mine three. Everything was perfect except for that one focus correction area. Do you think he would fail me […]

Major headache during exams… im gonna fail!?

Today was my mocks, I know it’s just mocks but… I had this huge headache and stuffy snotty nose, bad cold… and for the life of me I couldn’t write my history essay.I ended up scribbling one page of bullshit in my examHow can I avoid this? What should I do next time?Is there any […]

What happens if I fail my English 1A college course?

I’m currently attending at University of California Riverside, and for some reason, I keep gettin C- on my essays. I have turned in 3, and my final essay is due in 2 weeks. I apparently need a solid C or higher to pass the class. I am not sure if my class participation points, my […]

Can u pass your courses with c-? or is a c minus a fail?

i got a c- for my english exam. (no surprises there).and a c+ for a english coursework essayand im not exactly sure but definately above a c for my other english coursework essay.basically have i passed the course.? User tags:is a c minus passing

NEED HELP BADLY, biology question.. If I dont do this then the teacher will fail me:/?

For this assignment, you will write an essay describing the production of protein molecules through transcription and translation. Your essay should include discussions of the following:DNAmRNARNA polymerasebase pairingtranscriptiontranslationtRNArRNAribosomesamino acidsprotein

Will be my teacher fail me for writing an essay on this?

I have to write an essay on Buddhism and I’m allowed to choose my own topic. I was going to compare Buddhism to Islam but I’m a bit stuck on what to write. After doing some research, I’ve found that there is a vast number people who claim that buddha was a prophet of god. […]