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When is conflict first presented in an inspector calls?

im busy setting out the plan for my essay, but without the book at home, im struggling to remember when conflict between the birling family is first presented.your help would really be appreciated!:)x

I have an essay that I have to write who was the first black baseball player in the major leagues?

I don’t like writing and I need help with my thesis to help with the flow of the essay. I know that it is either Bud Fowler, Moses Fleetwood Walker and Jackie Robinson. I need to get it started

Creative title for a short essay about Shakespeare’s first trip to the dentist..?

so yeah, i had to write an essay / paragraph about shakespeares trip to the dentist back in elizabethan times,but i cant think of a good title for it.any suggestions ?heres the essay ;So I went to the dentist one day because one of my teeth fell out. It was right in the front so […]

Who was the first black president in the whole world?

I am writing an essay on Barrack Obama for part of my English coursework and it will be a controlled assessment.For my introduction paragraph I want to include who the first black president in the whole world was and when they became president, also in what country. This would be a really big help if […]

Please help with this, 20 points to first alll right?

1. What did the Tang Dynasty do to try and make the government more efficient and effective? (Points : 1)created a legislative body made up of common citizensrequired government officials to be Confucian scholarsbuilt the Grand Canal and repaired the Great Wallbrought back the civil service examination system2. What form of literature flourished under the […]

This is an AP Bio essay. Does anyone have a prompt or tips? it’s our first and outside help is encouraged.?

Diversity within a species is vital for the increased probability of having individuals survive changes within the environment. Species without effective mechanisms promoting diversity are often doomed to become extinct. For each of these items shown below explain how they might impact diversity within a species.a). asexual reproductionb) sexual reproductionc) maturationc) mutation

I Want To Have Sex For The First Time, But?

Not Really I am still a virgen and need help with this and have not recieved many answers before, PLEASE HELP ME, it is affecting my life big time. I have asked many times before and need more advice PLEASE help!I’m a 14 yr. old soon to be 15 yr. old girl and my teacher […]

When was breast cancer first discovered?

When was the health issue, breast cancer first discovered or brought to the attention of the public? I’m doing a research essay about this, but whenever I try to research about when it was discovered, its all about what people should do when they “discover” that they have “breast cancer.” Oh, and please give me […]

Is this essay first paragraph good?

How is this essay first paragraph. I am supposed to write a paragraph on the school uniforms and how they would be good for a school environment.How can schools elevate their learning standards and make it easier for their students to learn? Bullying and lack of social equality has been a big issue that hinders […]

Do I write Works Cited on the first page of an Essay? What is a good intro for MacBeth?

I completely forgot I haven’t written an essay in a while.. :/I always have problems with the introductions of essays also. >