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Saving a document to a flash drive!?

Well I typed a 20 page essay on Microsoft 2007, I don’t have a printer so I had to save it to a flash drive then print it out on our main printer downstairs. Well well I plugged it it, the whole format got messed up, since your main desktop is Microsoft 2000. Like on […]

Would 64GB flash storage be enough for a university student buying a Mac?

Or would it be worth it to uprgade to 128GB? Both will have 4GB RAM. Is 64GB enough for someone who just wants to write up notes and essays and ocassionally browse the web? I have a bigger, less portable laptop that I can transfer and store my files on, so that’s not really a […]

What not so expensive flash drive best for saving essays etc?

Son just started college and needs to buy a flash drive but not sure what size is best. Was looking at a 8gb which is not so expensive. What is the right size he needs?

How to get over the lost of a flash drive?

I left a flash drive in a computer at my college; someone took it. It contained a bullying essay, 4 Kines. obsevations, and a teacher interview. I’m not mad because the flash drive is gone, I’m mad because they person who took it could use the info on it.