give essay

Any body want to give me a brief summary about the world of Psychiatry?

make it like a 1 or 3 paragraph essay you have to turn it in in a university, in order to get the full points to be picked for the best answer.

Will Obama visit Pakistan to give message to the terrorist that USA is with Pakistan in War of terrorism ?

Why Obama have to visit Pakistan or Why Obama not have to visit Pakistan ?

Does Essay Writing Software works? if yes which software give the most bucks for your money?

Yes, it really works.

Can someone give me (legit) resource links about communism/capitalism good parts and bad?

I’m doing an essay about communism and capitalism, and while I have most of it finished, it’s mainly opinion, in a way. So I don’t have any resources yet. Like quotes or stuff from a resource. I got quotes and stuff. But i need one more body paragraph, that’s going to be about what could […]

Please give me a essay about nuclear power at least 100 words and give me a title for this essay please answer?

Really? Do your own homework, kid. Stop being lazy and trying to get other people to do it for you.

Please help! this is extremely important! will give 10 points to best answer!?

I read julius caesar by shakespeare and now i have to write an essay. I need to explain who the 3 main characters are, who are caesar, brutus and cassius (I already know who they are) and then explain what their actions were during the play and the outcome of their actions (that is that […]

May someone please give a few reasons why the government should help people with cancer.?

this is for my essay writing.

Can anyone please give an intro on birds of the same feather flock together?

it is for my essay.. you know. IT’S URGENT!

Can you give me an example of situation?

If you are in my friend’s position, what would you do? My friend was 14 years old, and she lived with her father and step-mother. Her mother passed away, when she was 7 years old. Her step-mother was not respecting her, and not supporting her. She wanted to keep her promise to her mother that […]

Give me 3 good reasons why men are dogs?

I am writing an argumentative essay on it…