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Twilight & the vampire diaries. is that a good topic for a compare/contrast essay?

yes, very good topic to work on!Good luck!

Whats a good internet article on Global Warming?

I need to wright a two page essay on global warming but i cant find an internet article

I need some REALLY good ways to go to nicaragua on a mission trip.?

So my church goes to nicaragua on a mission trip during spring break. I cant afford to go so i applied for the scholarship. For it you have to write an essay on reasons why you want to go. PLEASE HELP ME! i know reasons like it will be good to experence new things and […]

Good research topics for essays, among other things?

Well, I have an essay due tomorrow. I’m not procrastinating, I was just sick on the day it was given out. I’ve also had vacation for the past week and it was hard to actually get someone to tell me what homework we had. Putting that aside, I need good research topics. It’s for english […]

Is oppression good in some cases?

writing an essay on oppression and my thesis says that it’s a bad thing.but now i need an antithesis, can someone help me?

Good definition of bullying and/or what to do If you are in a situation involving bullying?

It’s for homework and I have to write an essay about 1-2 pages long… (-(

Does my paragraph on capitalism sound good so far?

I am writing an essay against capitalism, and this is my third paragraph supporting against capitalism.The third reason I disagree with the idea of capitalism is because of the possibility of that it is not sustainable in the long run as long as the population increases. Not only that, but there has been a lot […]

Someone good at maths please help me with my mark?

for my degree in order to get merit one has to get 60+. 50+ = pass.there are two aspects, 1) four modules with one essay for each totally 30% of the entire course in creditsthe 2) aspect is a 15000 word dissertation worth 70% of the entire coursefor the 1) aspect, i got 53 (pass)for […]

Is this a good bridge?

Ralph Waldo Emerson, known American essayist, lecturer, and poet once said “Memories last forever never do they die. Best friends stick together and never say goodbye.” This quote is applicable to many different people and things throughout the entire world. Your best friend could be a guy you fought alongside with in Germany or a […]

Is this a good essay?

its for school, about the vocation i want to do… cheesy.. In my fourth grade year we learned about American history. Part of our lesson included a field trip to a court house. We had a mock trial, and I had to impersonate a lawyer, I even had a script, and I received the opportunity […]