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What do i have to do to get into brown university early admission?

as of may my sat scores arent so great, 540 critical reading, 620 math. my gpa is around a 3.65 maybe higher now. i ve taken 3 ap classes so far and im a rising senior. ive taken a number of independent classes that i take at home. ive been a rhythmic gymnast on a […]

Biology essay questions, I have a few things I’m not sure of?

I have to come up with an answer for this essay question and you ahve to compare Photosynthesis and Aerobic Respiration. I did the basics but I’m not sure if i have these things correct.where in the cell these processes take place, what types of cells are involved, and the cyclical nature of these processesAny […]

Is TV Good?P.S. if you have bad things about it Dont come here I’ve got enuf of them. thx?

Ok, Im do a Essay on “TV good or Bad?”. I’ve got enuf bad things aboutTV but I’ve got nothing good about TV, lol help please.

How have HBCUs (historical black colleges) contributed to American history?

Why are HBCUs relevant today? What lessons can we learn? im writing an essay for a scholarship. please help me answer those questions

I have an essay question on men and women in the workforce and would like everyone opinion pls :)?

Hi guys! Essay question:It does not really matter if, as some educationalist claim, boys struggle in the secondary education system because they will still earn more in the workforce than women. Argue for or against this statement. All opinions would be appreciated.Also sources of the information would be good too!

C. What influence does family have on the development of a child’s character?


Can anyone help me? I have an essay about a dramatic change… can someone proofread it! 20 points!?

Can someone help me proofread edit and revise my story its looking bad and I need help Can some one proofread it by like copying and pasteing it nd editing it or someone cud help me by just giving me sum strong opinions I wud appreciate them both! it if u like it just keep […]

I have an essay that I have to write who was the first black baseball player in the major leagues?

I don’t like writing and I need help with my thesis to help with the flow of the essay. I know that it is either Bud Fowler, Moses Fleetwood Walker and Jackie Robinson. I need to get it started

Can you proofread what I have done of my essay so far?

Look for grammar, spelling, any types of mistakes. Any suggestions are welcome. This is only a little bit of the essay. I will post another question later with the rest. Proffread it as if you were a teacher! And if you are a teacher, then that’s awsome! When people think of royalty, they think perfect, […]

I’m a 17 year old girl and I have blood in my stool…help?

Last week my lower abdomen was hurting. And occasionally my stools would be super mucousy/tarry. It was gross. Then just yesterday I would wipe myself and see some blood on the toilet paper. My mom flipped out and said she would call the doctor, but we waited instead. Today it was worse. The blood was […]