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Can i get a essay on jeevan ka lakshya in hindi please send it very fast?

Lol. The first answer is excellent! ;-D That was very fast too. Okay here’s something that Google translated out. ****** It is FULL OF grammatical errors! *******You should correct all that or else your whole class will laugh at you. X-D At the end is the original english essay so you can compare.मेरे साथियों के […]

Can i get essay in hindi language on corruption ?

you can get it in english then translate it in your own language

I want an Hindi essay on “need on water?

जल कि जीवन के सभी ज्ञात रूपों के अस्तित्व के लिए आवश्यक है एक आम रासायनिक पदार्थ है. ठेठ उपयोग में पानी अपने तरल रूप या राज्य ही है, लेकिन संदर्भित ने पदार्थ भी है, और एक ठोस राज्य, बर्फ है एक गैसीय अवस्था, पानी भाप या वाष्प. Water covers 71% of the Earth ‘s […]

I want essay in Hindi on jaisa karoge vaisa bharoge?

i want essay in Hindi on jaisa karoge vaisa bharoge User tags:jaisa karoge waisa bharoge essay in hindijesa booge vesa melega story story in engJaisa karoge vaisa paoge nibandh hindii

I want an essay in hindi on topic kithabey hamari sachi dost hothi hain?

i actually have to write an composition on this topic

Can i get essay in hindi on `bikharte parivaro ka bachho par prabhav ` plzzz its urgent !?

u can also give me the essay in english like impact on childrens on parents divorce !………..!