history essay

How have HBCUs (historical black colleges) contributed to American history?

Why are HBCUs relevant today? What lessons can we learn? im writing an essay for a scholarship. please help me answer those questions

Just quickly or briefly can someone explain to me the history of Jazz?

I don’t need like a 900 page essay, i just need a brief summary of Jazz from New Orleans.

Are there any books about history that would supplement my “What is history?” essay?

I need to read about things such as: What is history for? Who writes history? How is history written?More about what history actually IS, not a particular history about something or someone.

How to relate this quote to the history of the U.S?

I have to write an essay on this quote by George W. Bush: “You’re either with us or against us”. I need to relate it to the U.S about 100 years ago, history. I need some ideas.

I need help with my history essay!?

I am very confused can someone help me write the first paragraph at least! I am in AP US history. Our prompt is “was motivation to migrate to the colonies motivated primarily by religion, politics, or economics?” I need citings and like every other essay the three body paragraphs each need a different topic. Please […]

Whats an Interesting event in American history?

I know there is alot of interesting events but i need to write an essay for History. The subject is “An important part of American history that still impacts us today.” The essay needs to be 600-800 words, so im having trouble coming up with somthing. Any ideas?

Where can I find/download/buy the previous AP World History Exams?

I know that some review books come with them, but I want to find a collection somewhere online, it doesn’t have to be for free, I just want to know. When I mean exams, I’m talking about both the essay and multiple choice questions, not just one.

Canadian History Essay…?

Hey guys (:Can you please help me out with some ideas for my essay? It is for Canadian history.I need 3 key defining moments in Canada’s Twentieth Century history. 1 event pre-1945, and 2 events post-1945.I was considering talking about ‘The Advancement of Women’s Equality,’ etc.. but I can’t find many post-1945 events… PLEASE HELP […]


Alright so I’m in Brooklyn, New York. I’ve sat through about a month of summer school because I failed the global history regents in June 2009, due to the lack of time I had to complete the two essays. I’m not complaining because other people passed without a problem, but I just have a problem […]

Can anyone help me with 1920s-1930s Canadian History?

I’m doing an in class essay for Canadian History about the emergence of profession sports, the years we have to focus our information on are the 1920s and the 1930s.Does anyone know a really good descriptive link that talks about baseball and basketball in the 1920s and 1930s.I have already wrote a paragraph about hockey.Thank […]