hook essay

A good hook for an essay about parents preventing cyber bullying sexual predators and adentity theft?

A good tittle and intro?

I have to write an essay about my culture and traditions and I need a hook sentence?

and I need help!?

What is a good ‘hook’ for a bioethics essay?

the ethics of it and how its important

What is a good ‘hook’ for rap music? (10 points!)?

I REALLY NEED HELP! (10 POINTS!)I’m writing an essay to Congress (not really) about why rap is NOT hurting today’s teens ( I do not agree with this, but that is what was asked, so if you go against it, but you’re good at writing… please pretend you are for it!) PLEASE COME UP WITH […]

A good hook for my essay?

I have to right a rhetorical analysis essay on Hillary Clinton’s Speech. What is a good hook or introduction paragraph?

I Need help writing a hook about George W. Bush any ideas?

im in 5th grade and its a essay about him i have to write :/

I need a good hook for my opening paragraph for my essay about courage?

When I was writing essays in college, I always liked to start out with a good quote about the subject. Sometimes (although I don’t consider myself a religious man) I have even used quotes from the bible. At the source below are some great quotes about courage.

What’s a good hook for my essay?

I need a good hook sentence to start off my essay. Im writing about Dr.Richard Charles Drew for black history month. ( He was one of the first black doctors )

HELP! i need a essay hook on the book “To Kill a Mockingbird”?

i need a essay hook on how Boo Radly and Tom Robinson represents a mockingbird. the book is called “To kill a mockingbird” User tags:hook for to kill a mockingbirdto kill a mockingbird essay hookto kill a mockingbird hook

What is a good hook for a compare and contrast essay on two scifi stories?

Similarities Is similar to/similarlyboth…at the same timein the same wayin like mannerDifferences on the other hand however in contrast to..while unlike converselybut / yetinsteadon the contrarycomparatively