idea? essay

Does anyone have any idea how i can start my conclusion on a light pollution essay?

don’t worry about what my essay says in it just give me an idea for an ending. if you’re really nice and write the whole conclusion for me i’ll love you forever!

I need an idea for a 4 page Biology Essay.?

The essay could be anything from a Biography of a particular scientist to a reasearch report on an expirament. So if you have any ideas for scientists, expiraments or something else that I could write on (such as Genetic Engineering) I would love you forever (Not really). Thanks.

What’s a good idea for a short, short story about betrayal (the main character is betrayed)?

I just want an idea that can be developed into a 600-1300 word essay.

Is this a good idea for an admissions essay?

I had absolutely no idea as what to write for my admissions essay. Today I was browsing a site and the first thing I saw was this picture. I couldn’t take my eyes off of it. I stared at it for at least 5 minutes just looking. You know how they say a picture is […]

Essay help.. topic Explain the election porcess in canada any suggestion on how i can make it better? any idea?

do you ever wonderd how election process work in canada? do you wonder how numerous way canadin citizes make their voices to be heard?in this essay im going to tell you the 4 ways on how election process work in canada…Choosing a govenment, this process involve in having an election is canaddan citiznes has to […]

Do (or did) Anglicans/Episcopalians/C.S. Lewis believe in the idea of “limbo”?

I just read an essay by C.S. Lewis where he (in the voice of Screwtape) talks about souls too lukewarm to know they are making a deliberate mortal sin being sent to limbo.Do Anglicans believe in limbo and mortal sin? If so, could you describe this state to me and how you get there and […]

Need one more main idea for my last paragraph on Why war is NOT a “glorious” thing. And some const. criticism?

Well i have been working on an essay for my literature class based on this short story we have been reading in class. Its about why or why not war is a good thing. I chose why it is bad, but im running out of reasons to support my thesis. I am gonna copy and […]

Help! I have no idea what to write and this is due today in just a few hours?

Can someone help me? This is for an essay and I don’t know what to even write. Can you tell me how the economic systems of mercantilism and capitalism were affected by the Saharan and the Atlantic slave trade. (the time period is 1550-1800)Please, I would appreciate any help so that I have at least […]

What is the building block for the essay and what is its controlling idea called?

The thesis, or theme, is the controlling idea of an essay. I guess the main building block would be evidence.

Quick! I need an amazing idea for a latin project…cant draw and hate writing long essays..?

Power Pointor a flip bookor a brochure