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Any ideas for something you remember forever?

I have a writing essay that due around this week. Can someone give me some ideas of what a memorable experience would be? Ex. first day of school, graduation, parents divorce, or relative dying.

What are good cause and effect essay ideas for Great Expectations by Charles Dickins?

I have to have either one cause with three effects or the causes with one effect.

Essay help? please? i just need a few ideas, or a brief explanation of what i need to do?

an essay describing the production of protein molecules through transcription and translation. Your essay should include discussions of the following:DNAmRNARNA polymerasebase pairingtranscriptiontranslationtRNArRNAribosomesamino acidsprotein

I Need Some Story Ideas Please!?

Okasy so my creative writing class we have until next Friday to write a 5-10 essay and it has to be fictional. See after watching Afro Samurai i was heavenly influence to write something like that. And if you heard Quentin Tarantino new movie Django Unchained which follows the journey of a free slave as […]

Any ideas for the “hook” on an essay on tyranny?

The essay is about how the constitution guarded against tyranny when the us was first starting up. I need a sentence that will really grab my reader! User tags:grabber about tyranny


For my english class we had to read a book called Success Stories by Russell Banks. Our teacher told us that we had to write a paper on one of the stories but didn’t really explain it to much. I just need some unique ideas on something I could write about!Please help. It would be […]

Going green ideas for college campus?

Writing an essay for a “going green essay competition”…prompt is:How to Make Your Campus Greener: Environmental Essay Contest. Write a 500-750 word plan/idea of a sustainable program or practice that MSU could adopt within the next three years.Any ideas?Thanks!

College essay ideas for “Tell us an interesting or amusing story about yourself”?

I know you don’t know my life story, thats not what i’m asking for.I’ve hit a serious writer’s block on this one, i need to get thinking along the right lines.What are examples of something YOU would think would be amusing or interesting to write about? Or what would you write about yourself?I just need […]

I need a few ideas that support arranged marriages?

I have to write a 5 page essay that supports arranged marriages. Any history of when or who it worked for? How about now? Is is still practiced?

Which one of these ten ideas would you prefer to read about or be interested in? There is a lot of words below?

1. Detective. Detective J (yes, I bet you are shocked. A female detective. She doesn’t have a name yet). She runes a business of detectiveness lol. Business has been slow for her in recent times till she gets a call. She decides to follow up on it and her and a colleague check it out. […]