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Essay Introduction help?

I’m having some difficulty with an essay introduction. The essay is on Brown V. Board of Education. Any helpful feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

I need an introduction for a essay. Grade 10.?

Heyy i have to write an essay pretending that me and 45 other classmates got into a plane crash and landed on a deserted island. A rescue seems unlikely and there are no adults. I have ideas on what to wrtie but i have no idea on how to start it off…btw it crashed cause […]

Can someone check my french essay introduction and correct any mistakes, please helpp! thankyouu!?

Bonjour j’mappelle shannon et j’ai trieze ans et mon anniversaire est le dix-sept decembre. Mon college s’appelle bridgewater. C’est un college de taille moyenne situe a liverpool. C’est pas mal mais je pense que l’ecole as assez enneyuex. Mon college est assez moderne.

Thoughts and Criticisms on an introduction sentence lead-in?

Hey Yahoo. I need your feedback and criticisms regarding this lead-in sentence for my essay. My essay is about the repression of the intrinsic human desires and how this repression is actually a good thing. The following is my Hook-in sentence (the first sentence of my entire essay). I would kindly ask that you provide […]

Please help i need a really good introduction for my essay?

my essay is on health and the characteristics of bio medical model and social describing their strengths and weaknesses thanks in advance xxx

I am writing a persuasive essay. What should i write for the introduction?

The topic is about dog abusing…Like how should i start it?

How does this introduction sound?

The introduction is for a critical essay on the book The Machine Gunners, how does it sound?A good novel requires strong characterisation; a clear sense of place and time; and dramatic ending. The book “The Machine Gunners” by Robert Westall fits into this category. The change in the characters, plot twists, descriptive language and intriguing […]

Is this okay as an english essay introduction?

JB Priestley wanted to write a play revealing what he saw society faults Were and encouraging people to take Responsibility for them. The play explores Personal responsibility, what you get up To and Collective responsibility, what Society gets up to, Priestley disinterested in the affect of class, Age and sex on people’s attitudes to Responsibility […]

Could you please help me write a introduction to this essay paper?

My thesis:In 1926 Miami Florida suffered from a sever hurricane, which caused critical damage within the city and resulted in millions of dollars being lost within it.Here’s my body if it matters: The hurricane of Miami came unexpectedly and no one in Miami was aware of it. The damage caused by hurricanes is doubling every […]

I need to write a biographical 3 page essay on Charlemagne, I need help on an introduction paragraph?