jewish essay

What difficulties could a Jewish person face following Kosher rules in Britain today?

I’m doing an essay on Kosher and need some help pls

What are the principle beliefs of Abraham’s covenant with God and why are they important to the Jewish people?

Hey .. it’s an essay question I have, I’ve been trying to answer based on my notes and things from my textbook. I’ve been researching but I can’t find much, if you know anything please let me know:)Thanks in advance

Was Iago from ‘Othello’ Jewish?

I have to write an essay about whether Iago is truly a Machiavellian stock character, simply pure evil, or whether he is more complex than that, and I heard he was Jewish. Does anyone know if he was for sure?

Can you compare L.A ghettos to the Jewish ghettos? plz help I got a 4 page essay do tomorrow thanks!?

Im trying my best to finish and no one is helpin me. My mom’s pregnant and she’s sick so I dont wanna bother her!

Jewish – Not based on your religion, what are your veiws on capital punishment? (For GCSE essay – anonymous)?

Please only answer this is you are Jewish (because i’m writing about Jewish people as part of my essay).Please, keep your religious veiws in mind but tell me what you think about capital punishment based on your morals. Please explain in detail thank you.