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Help on shakespears julius ceasar essay!?

ok, i just need help on forming an opinion and finding some examples…if you know anything about this story please help me!so this is the assignment..Consider this question: Does the threat a person or country presents justify murdering people who might be innocent? and state your opinion in a well developed essay.you must state whether […]

Essay Title for Julius caesar?

My essay topic is about Brutus and Caesar’s blindness to their own flaws. Does anyone know some good essay titles for that?

Out of Antony and Julius Caesar, who would make a better leader?

I need to right an essay on who would make a better leader from the Roman play “Julius Caesar”I initially think it’s Antony since he was generally a good person and knew how to deal with politics. Julius was so caught up in being crowned king and being immortal that he got himself tricked and […]

Where can I find criticism on Brutus in Julius Caesar?

In my english class, we just finished read the play Julius Caesar. My teacher wants us to download criticism on the tragic hero, Brutus. On my school website, under the library link we can easily download an article of criticism on Brutus, but the site has been down for the past week, and it still […]

Has anyone read Julius Caesar recently?

I have to write an essay but i cant figure out what the prompt wants me to do. Here it is: Many novels and plays explore the dilemma of a character faced with either a morally ambiguous situation or the discrepancy between a personal desire and public duty. In a well-written essay, examine how Brutus […]

Who do you think the true hero in the play, Julius Caesar is?

i have to write a huge essay for this topic and i need some help. I`am writing it on Brutus.

3 page essay on brutus (from the play julius Caesar)?

i have to write a 3 page essay over brutus and i need help!and oulines or anything would be helpfullike what should i write about PLZ HELP!

Some Julius Caesar help please?

I’m writing a persuasive essay on the play Julius Caear. I’m trying to develop an arguement that Brutus is the protagionst and not Antony, got any ideas? Got any ideas for a title of the paper? I’m kinda stuck, ugh, brain-fart, please help.

Julius Caesar quote?

I just wrote an essay comparing Brutus and Cassius in the play by WIlliam Shakespeare, Julius Ceasar. I need a very powerful quote to end the essay that goes with this conclusion so far.”In conclusion, Brutus and Cassius are very different people, although they together committed a crime. They are different in their morality, they […]

Julius Caesar Essay Help! pleasee?

I have to argue why Brutus was a hero.I have 3 reasons but i need more details please help!1. killed caesar for better of rome.2. it wasnt easy for brutus to kill caesar3. it was a selfless act.can you give me more details?thanks