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Just quickly or briefly can someone explain to me the history of Jazz?

I don’t need like a 900 page essay, i just need a brief summary of Jazz from New Orleans.

(mature responses) I want to go Study abroad,and i’ve found some scholarships im just having a difficult time?

Writing the essays.Im not a very good at writing period. Or even expressing my self.Does anyone one have any good ideas or examples? i keep on coming blank when im finding something to write about myself.I want this so bad, i just don’t want to lose this opportunity because i couldn’t express myself. Does anyone […]

Does this paragraph make sense? (Jesus was just a very special human)?

I’m writing an essay… this isn’t the opening part I was just wondering about the last sentance.Jesus’ appearance was that of an average human, he had no glowing halo around his head at his time of living and was not always the image of perfection as he is often portrayed in biblical pictures. He also […]

Before getting a divorce, what did you do to try to make it work, or you just didn’t try at all?

I’m doing an essay about young marriages. There is no positive statistics about young marriages. I need to know from people that was married young and ended up getting a divorce, did you try to make it work before you decided to get a divorce? What I mean by that is did you work on […]

Why shouldn’t I just kill myself?

Before I begin I want to say i have Asperger’s Syndrome and have no useful skills whatsoever because I am retarded. I am now on the verge of a mental breakdown. The last few days have been especially hard. I got an essay back on Thursday and only a 57% and the TA the left […]

Essay help? please? i just need a few ideas, or a brief explanation of what i need to do?

an essay describing the production of protein molecules through transcription and translation. Your essay should include discussions of the following:DNAmRNARNA polymerasebase pairingtranscriptiontranslationtRNArRNAribosomesamino acidsprotein

“Communism creates a more just society then capitalism.” Access the validity of this statement.?

I am having a test and this is one of the essay title Can you tell what do you think (the more the better)I want to get a high mark Oh and my test is on Monday the 15th

Is a seizure while receiving a tattoo just an overload of endorphens?

In 1991 my boyfriend was getting a cover up of a tattoo. He went into a seizure. The tattoo artist just held him in the chair and stated that sometimes the overload of endorphens in a male will cause them to go into a seizure. Is there any truth in this statement? I am doing […]

Essay help, just wee tips etc and if anything needs to be taking away etc, please help! will be grateful!?

In the Shakespearean tragedy ‘Macbeth’, Macbeth has to cope with strong feelings such as love, jealousy, ambition and hatred. I will illustrate how Macbeth deals with his feelings and how his character changes through this and the effect it has on the outcome of the play.Macbeth has triumphed in battle then comes across three witches […]

Please help me just need to know info?

I am writing a compare and contrast essay about world war two on each sides view but I don’t know how to do my diagram I need three differences for both sides and three similarities and way should be my three topics in my essay please help