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Symbol for to kill a mockingbird?

heey guys! so i am making an essay on symbols that represent Scout Finch in To Kill a Mockingbird and i thought she was a fighter physically and also emotionally because yeah.. but i couldnt think of any symbols that could represent a fighter besides boxing gloves? :/please help! asap, thank youu

How does Atticus show bravery in To Kill a Mockingbird?

I am writing an essay about how Atticus is a morally righetous and courageous man. My three topics are how he makes the correct decisions, shows courage, and how he shoes bravery. I can not find a good quote to help support bravery. Can anyone help or suggest another topic with supporting details? Thanks

Why shouldn’t I just kill myself?

Before I begin I want to say i have Asperger’s Syndrome and have no useful skills whatsoever because I am retarded. I am now on the verge of a mental breakdown. The last few days have been especially hard. I got an essay back on Thursday and only a 57% and the TA the left […]


The topic of my essay is Officers should not be required to strictly enforce laws! I Need 2 examples of laws being strictly enforced in the book when they really shouldn’t have been. and i need to know why Officers SHOULD NOT be required o strictly enforce laws!.Oh and i need a title ideas fo […]

Need Help For To kill A Moking Bird Essay?

I am doing an esayy and i need quotes on jems maturity with analysis for each quote best answer gets ten points

To kill a mocking bird essay help?

OK, so for my essay, I have to have some moments that relate to the quote “simply because we were licked a hundred years before we started is no reason for us not to try to win.” It basically means you should fight in what you believe even thought you might not win. I cant […]

Why did macbeth kill Banquo?

Here is my topic: Works of literature often depict acts of betrayal. Friends and even family may betray a protagonist; main characters may likewise be guilty of treachery or may betray their own values. Select a novel of play that includes such acts of betrayal. Then, in a well-written essay, analyze the nature of the […]

To kill a mockingbird question on Tom robinson?

What was the extent of emotional power on tom robinsons death and how would it have been different if he hadnt have been sent to prizon…. essay questions for my sister any ideas would be awsome.

I hate my life .i want to kill myself?

lmao just kidding but i really need help with my essay for english i have to write a disciptive essay about valintines any ideas kinda of stuck i wroter a paragragh about the history and stuff .im have writers writers block and the paper is due tomorrow and i have tons of homework to […]

To kill a mocking bird question!?

i have 7 other essays to do by tomorrow because i’ve had mono. i need help with two questions i’m begging you. In chapter twelve, Calpurnia takes the children to church with her. Explain their reception at the church. How would you feel if you were the church-goers? How would you feel if you were […]