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Could I get into an ivy league institution with these credentials?

About a 101/102 average with 6 APs (all that my school offers), track (captain) and cross country, 150 hours of volunteer work at humane society shelter, yearbook editor, concertmaster of band, president of band, treasurer of chorus, vice president of french club, vice president of humane society club, and student council representative.I am valedictorian, got […]

Ivy League Early?!?!?!?!?

I got a 2130 on the SAT, I’ve been in Mock Trial for 5 years, I have my own non-profit organization that sends books and school supplies to children in Nigeria and is actually really going well, I take both Latin and Spanish, I take a WHOLE BUNCH of AP’s, I am in the two […]

IVY LEAGUE CHANCES….In a neat format…Thanks……..?

I am applying to Cornell, UPenn, Columbia, Brown, and Dartmouth…..I am new to the college admissions thing and have just now started thinking about colleges. I am a Senior in high school. (I tend to procrastinate). Do you guys think any of these schools will accept me. Advise and insight into the admissions process is […]

Got a bad gpa but still got into any ivy league?

Does anyone have a story about themself or anyone they know who had a bad gpa but still got into a really good school (ivys)? what did they do? What school? essay topics? anything!Thank you!….and please no answers like George Bush or anything like that =D

What are my chances at an Ivy League school?

I have around a 2.5gpa.I recently took the SAT and waiting on my score.I was wondering if I could get into an Ivy League school.I have close to 800 hours of community service throughout my high school year. Confident that my college essay will stand out, I pretty good at writing essays. Im a musician […]