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Where can I find AP English Literature Test essays?

I need an example of an essay from the year 2000 AP English Literature and Composition Section II Question 1 test (compare the “Odyssey” and “Siren Song”). We have to write an in class essay on it tomorrow and I wanted to take a look at an 8 or 9 essay to see what I […]

Are there any Literature class I could take during the summer? ?

To enhance my writing skills. I am very horrible at writing essays or biographies. I would like to improve since it is my dream to become a creative writer. I am very creative, but lack in the grammar/proper writing techniques. If it matters I live in New Jersey.

AP Literature paper…?

I need HELP with this! I have no idea where to start or what it means.Choose a common motif, theme, style, or other major literary technique that may be applied to Frankenstein and one of the following three literary texts. Support this technique in a concise and well-thought out 3 to 4 page essay. Avoid […]


I am a college student and I have to write an essay on a poem that our professor has given us, we have a variety of Hughes, (let america be america again) Donne (Holy Sonnet 10, 14) Frost(The Road Not Taken, Stooping/Woods Snowy Evening), Herrick(To the Virgins, to Make much of time) Wallace, Blake ( […]

In literature what does — add to the effect of a story?

I working on an essay about what are the most dramatic elements of Edgar Allan Poe’s The Masque Of TheRed Death. These, — appear during the second to last paragraph, and i’m not sure what they add to the story or effect?

I have to write an essay about british literature and

Topic: Influence Of British Romanticism On British Literature “Characterized by freedom of the mind and an idealistic view of human nature, Romanticism slowly crept out of Neoclassicism to become one of the most influential periods of British literature. It is the emergence of this new literary period called Romanticism that stirred an interest in those […]

English literature help?

1>Dr.Johnson is”one of the thre graetest critics of poetry,the other two being Dryden and Coleridge”.who expressed this opinion?#2>’An excellent action’ according to Arnold,must have:1>High seriousness and weight of menaing;2>agony and ecstasy;3>an excitement of human emotions;4>none of the above.#3>Pioneer of new criticism?#4>Name the paly which Neander examines in Dryden’s Essay of Dramatic poesy.#5>Who said of Chaucer […]

Can someone help me with my English Literature work? (A Tale of Two Cities)?

Hi! Here’s the thing…I have an oral presentation for this week (I don’t know the day) but I really need help. Just so you know, I have a 4.0 in english I’m not a dumbass xD I just haven’t read the book. I need to talk about how duality is presented in A tale of […]

A-level English Literature, Essay structure help?

I’m taking my English Literature AS soon, I really need help with my structure of an essay. I’m doing, “The God of Small Things”, “The Great Gatsby”, “The Rime of the Ancient Mariner” and Keats. I started off getting E’s, then D’s and I’ve only managed to get 3 c’s so far and I was […]

Are comic strips considered a form of literature?

I’m writing an essay for a college application about a “fictional character from literature, theatre, film, or television”, and I really have my heart set on a character from a comic strip. I’m curious – is a comic strip a form of “literature”?