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What Macbook should i get?

i know i have asked many mac questions its just because i need to make sure i’m buying that right one.-Needs to be good for every day internet browsing-Needs to be good at typing essaysmostly just great for the web!

Macbook Pro VS Macbook Air?

What do you think. I’ll just be using it for internet browsing, essays, and games. Like a typical laptop. Air is cheaper but I won’t be using fancy shmancy stuff.So which is better for my needs?

Is the Macbook laptop good?

I would like to get a Macbook for next year since I need a laptop cause i’m switching schools to a school where they require them. I almost have enough money for a macbook with all the configurations i want and tax added on and stuff.. i would mostly use it for internet browsing, typing […]

Is the Macbook Pro the best option for me?

I am going to university next year and I will be living in student accommodation. I would like a good, safe laptop so I can do all my important work, essay’s etc. However, I will be producing presentations and the odd video and slide show because I am taking Sport and Exercise Science. I will […]

Macbook or Macbook Air (11 inch). Which one?

I want either the macbook or the macbook air (the 11 inch). I will be using it for web browsing, making videos, computer illustrating and of course essays. Which one would be better?I will use my hp for gaming because its pretty good at that and I am a heavy gamer.

Hi everyone im 15 and i really want the white macbook should i get brand new or old refurb.?

i have a job and im saving up with my own money. i make about $90-$115 per week. i really want the brand new updated white macbook but i cant decide if i should get an older refurbished one for less so i can get it sooner. i would use it for- mostly using the […]

MacBook or windows laptop?

I will be going to college in the UK in September, and need a laptop that I can take with me, but also use for watching movies, web browsing and writing essays. I would like to know which you think is best and why. When suggesting either please state which model (and size if a […]

What macbook should i get?

Im shopping around for a new macbook but am torn between which one i should get.Basically its between the two 11” or 13′ macbook air $1299 or the 13′ macbook pro $1250.i will be using mostly for schoolwork and entertainment. So note taking, essays, movies,some gaming, youtube ,browsing ect.. Its basically up in the air […]

Macbook Pro vs. Macbook air?

I’m a student and was wondering what would be better for essays web browsing and light video editing, 13 inch macbook pro or 13 inch macbook air. I heard that a new, thinner macbook pro 13 inch is coming out in may/june 2012. Thanks.

Whats a good word processor for macbook pro?

I need a word processor that I can buy or download for free from the app store. It doesn’t have to be complex, i just need it for regular school work like writing essays and such. I was thinking about buying the Pages 09 app but I’m not sure yet.