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What is the turning point for a main character in a story?

I’m supposed to write and essay on a book and the im REALLY confused on what the “turning point” of the main character is.Here is the exact question:What is the turning point for the main character? Explain why this was an important moment for the character. Please help me! thankyou!

Compare and Contrast the main practices and beliefs of Tibetan Buddhism with Mahayana Philosophy?

can anyone help me with this essay question?thank you

What’s a good idea for a short, short story about betrayal (the main character is betrayed)?

I just want an idea that can be developed into a 600-1300 word essay.

In the book julius ceasar. what are three main fears of Brutus?

i need to write an essay on Brutus and what three things he fears the mostlike friends, family, rome, honor, himself, ect..i need to describe each fear and how important they what was brutus most scare of? please give me detailed answers. ten points to best answer

Need one more main idea for my last paragraph on Why war is NOT a “glorious” thing. And some const. criticism?

Well i have been working on an essay for my literature class based on this short story we have been reading in class. Its about why or why not war is a good thing. I chose why it is bad, but im running out of reasons to support my thesis. I am gonna copy and […]

What would you say would be the main conflict/ problem in the novel “The Kite Runner?”?

Okay I just finished reading the novel last night and now I have to write a 3-5 page essay on it about the main problem/ conflict and I have to research the problem/ conflict. In your opinion what do you think is the main conflict/ problem. I don’t think it is war because Amir is […]

Dracula, chapter one, main theme?

So i have an english essay in today,i’m not the greatest at essay writing.The essay is on Bram Stokers, Dracula.We are only writing based on chapter one,and i know the novel has a few main themes,but what are the ones for chapter ONE.thankyou for your help ‘xo

What were the main causes of the emergence of our modern form of society?

well i am doing an essay tomorrow in this in an exam and i am just looking for some topics to have a look at…. so i can you know pass and stuff….so if anyone can give me 3 good topics i can write about in this essay that would be GREAT!thanks

What are some main differences between the Greek city-states Athens and Sparta?

I’m writing an essay comparing and contrasting Athens and Sparta. I’m going to write it myself, but what are some main points I should cover and maybe some good websites that I could get my research from?

What are the 7 main stages ?

for my essay the 7 main stages are analysis, design, implementation,testing, documentation, evaluation and maintenance i need 2 know more about these does any1 know plz help