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I have an essay that I have to write who was the first black baseball player in the major leagues?

I don’t like writing and I need help with my thesis to help with the flow of the essay. I know that it is either Bud Fowler, Moses Fleetwood Walker and Jackie Robinson. I need to get it started

Can someone contrast the major male and female characters as they relate to the “american dream”?

I am reading the book the Grapes of Wrath. I am writing an essay on the contrast the major male an felmale charcters of the novel as they relate to the “american dream” for some reason im totally stumped on what i should right about someone help a 16 year old girl please?

Is 1600 on SAT Test for a Business Major?

I just got my SAT scores.Critical Reading: 510 (52%)Math: 520 (51%)Writing: 570 (75%)Multiple Choice: 52Essay: 10Is this good enough for a Business Major?I applied to UIC and PurdueI was also thinking of applying to 1) Ohio State2) Penn State3) University of Minnesota4) Maybe UIUC5) USC (I dont think now that I will get in)What is […]

When you major in history?

Do you still do all of your reading through a textbook like in high school? I want to major in history because it’s interesting, but I’d rather read a lot of documents, essays, and or novels that focus on events in history without a textbook. Is the major like that? Be honest please.

Can anyone explain the major enlightenment ideals and how they apply to two of the following pieces?

Tartuff, Candide, Phaedra, or an essay on man.

What are major ways in which Canadian administration differs from administration in the United States?

I need to write an essay, 3-5 pages long and the essay question is”What are major ways in which Canadian administration differs from administration in the United States?”I live in Canada.Any suggestions?Thanks

Do you have to write a lot of essays as a communication studies major? On what kind of topics ?

question says it all

I need help with an essay. i need a person tha is important today tha practices one of the 3 major religions?

the essay’s description is:Identify and research the work of any person who is practicing any one of the major western religions (Judaism, Christianity or Islam) and is using that religion to help others or bring about peace in the world.please if u have any suggestions on who i can write about please tel me

College/University students; When your major assignments converge…?

Do you find yourself opening word documents to write essays, and then just staring at the screen until the screen saver comes on? Do you minimize the document and end up browsing the internet endlessly for hours? Do you open books to study and just stare at books without reading them?I think I’m absolutely nuts…

How can I stand out as a biology major on my med school application?

I work part time as an EMT, and I am thinking of minoring in either history or biochemistry. I know there is still a lot to an application (volunteering, MCATs, personal essays, etc) What else can I do to stand out as a biology major?