me)? essay

For those who have read “Cry the Beloved Country” by Alan Paton, please answer me:?

I have my english midyear tomorrow. The teacher said that the essay might come about comparing and contrasting 2 elements in the novel. I would like to know what are the differences and similarities between:1) Stephen Kumalo and James Jarvis2) Stephen Kumalo and MsimanguIf the second one is long or something, then dont answer it. […]

The book Candide by Voltaire…help me.?

Can you further explain Cacambo? What’s his view of the world? Is he an optimist? I have to write a 3 page essay on him, and he’s not even a main character!

According to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, which needs are greatest and must be met first? PLEASE HELP ME…?

According to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, which needs are greatest and must be met first?Self ActualizationBelongingSafetyPhysiologicalPoints earned on this question: 0Question 2 (Worth 5 points)Which continent or region had the highest percentage of the world’s population in 1996?EuropeAsiaAfricaNorth AmericaPoints earned on this question: 5Question 3 (Worth 5 points)The continent with the highest population in 1996 […]

I need some info. to write my essay, plz help me..?

my essay is about beaches in general. i need info. about the climate, the types of activities, etc..i need websites and i don’t mind getting the info. from another essay.plz help me.

I am writing an essay on how to kill a mocking bird influenced me.?

i did a summary in the first paragraph and am not quite sure how to continue.

I feel like im losing my best friend of 5 years PLEASE HELP ME!?

We starting being bffs in the 7th grade i loved her so much and we were inseperable! We bought friendship books to document our lives together, we’d buy each other presents all the time, i’d go over to her house and spend the night for 2 nights straight we lived like 2 minutes away from […]

Religion for dummies (aka ME)?

I have to write a short essay comparing the plight of the Joads (in the Grapes of Wrath) to that of the Isrealites in Exodus. I DON’T want the answer to my essay question. I want to do it myself.But I do not know anything about Exodus. I’m not religious and have never studied the […]

Hey, I have a Spanish essay due in a half hour. What can I write about. It has to be all about me.?

I am an equestrian. I have a horse named Pablo. What can I write about that?

Good writer’s…help me!?

Any suggetsions on how I can become a better writer, increase my vocab and think outside the box? All my essays have the same structure and my vocab just won’t expand no matter how much I read and memorize new words

Can someone tell me…..?

information about the book “Candide” by Zoltaire please it’s for an essay I have to do.