mean? essay

What does “dramatic implications” mean?

I have an English essay question that asks me for the dramatic implications of an action in a play, what is it asking me for?

What does Bankability Mean ,Please help me its urgent.!?

The word Bankability means the stars potential to guarantee a film’s financial box office success.Im writting a essay right now and it has to be about a celebrity.I have chosen a proffesional gamer who i consider a celebrity.He is sponsered and earns good money and is famous in the gaming world. How can i use […]

What does this mean? Continuous effort – not strength or intelligence – is the key to unlocking our potential?

i’m doing an essay. how do i respond to this quote. i don’t really get it…

Desperate in of help! What does it mean to be an Aboriginal in Canada?

What does it mean to be an Aboriginal in Canada?I have to write an essay about this questions. I know Aboriginals are the first people in Canada. I know what they been through. I’m confused about what to write about! Please I’m really struggling in this. I’m not asking you to write the essay for […]

What does essay of “c. 2,000″ words mean?

My professor wrote that my essay must be “of c. 2,000 words.” What does the “c.” stand for?

What does bullshitting on a paper mean?

I failed so many classes and essay exams because I would just write briefly what I wanted to say to answer the question. I would read all the text but still have little more to say than the direct answer. When I asked my friends how they could write 10 page papers or 2 pages […]

What does demise mean?

demise means death, correct?and if in dracula mina doesnt die, then why is that an essay choice?”how do prevailing attitudes about women contribute to mina’s demise?”i dont understand.

What does it mean when I guy does these things?

He stares at me in almost every class and at lunchWhen I’m talking to my friends I’d be like “why is he being SO mean?!” and he would come up to me and say “What? Oh I’m so sorry…” and wink at me and smile.He added me on facebook (Im the only girl he added)When […]

What does ” the fault, dear Brutus, is not in our starts but in ourselves that we are underlings.” mean?

it is for an outline of an essay, I’m trying to convince readers that the conspirators were justified in killing Caesar. this quote, I’m trying to find out what it means.. my main topic for this body paragraph is why should Caesar become king?

What does it mean when someone Latino calls you “essay” (sp?)?

“Ese” literally means “it,” and it is an insult when used to a person. It means that you are less than human. The “ghetto boyz” may use it to mean “homeboy,” but if you aren’t one of the “gang,” you’re being dissed. By all means, never use it to a person you don’t intend to […]