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The topic of my essay is Officers should not be required to strictly enforce laws! I Need 2 examples of laws being strictly enforced in the book when they really shouldn’t have been. and i need to know why Officers SHOULD NOT be required o strictly enforce laws!.Oh and i need a title ideas fo […]

To kill a mocking bird essay help?

OK, so for my essay, I have to have some moments that relate to the quote “simply because we were licked a hundred years before we started is no reason for us not to try to win.” It basically means you should fight in what you believe even thought you might not win. I cant […]

To kill a mocking bird question!?

i have 7 other essays to do by tomorrow because i’ve had mono. i need help with two questions i’m begging you. In chapter twelve, Calpurnia takes the children to church with her. Explain their reception at the church. How would you feel if you were the church-goers? How would you feel if you were […]

Help in comparative essay on to kill a mocking bird?

okay i have 2 write comparative essay on to kill a mocking bird .i have to compare racism,parenting and education of 1930′s with today’s …i have to write outline for it …can any 1 tell me any hook {hook is an interesting,thought-provoking statement to catch the readers attention

Help on a To Kill A Mocking Bird essay?

I have a 900 word essay due tomorrow about the book. And I need help on how to write a long essay on a topic I find hard to write that much about. I have to clearly identify one life lesson the novel teaches and explain at least three ways in which that lesson is […]

I need help on the book “to kill a mocking bird”?!?

I have to write an essay about raceism and loss of innocence from “to kill a mocking bird” can anyone help and give me 2 pages from the book that show this?

How do I rite a esay on to kill a mocking bird and wat quotes shod I use and what characters shod I base it on?

I have no idea how to write this essay help me

To kill a mocking bird?

I have to do an essay for tkam and I’m trying to think of a thesis. the prompt gives us 2 options: discuss the role of rumor, or discuss the role of violence in the novel. The teacher wants us to argueany ideas?

Why in To Kill A Mocking Bird is Atticus Finch A Gentlemen?

Im doing an essay on the book “To Kill A Mocking Bird” and i need help with the question which is, Why is Atticus Finch a Gentleman? and reasons for why Jem belives this. Thanks if you have any ideas!cheers.

Mega help needed– to kill a mocking bird.?

okay. i need to write a 5 paragraph essay on an important theme found in to kill a mocking bird. i chose The Coexistence of Good and Evil. i didnt finish the book in time so can people give me some info about how this theme is well fitted twards the book?please help me out […]