need essay

Plz tell me about Reservation Act of India and its new relating wid it I need to do my essay?

go to and click on the international links.

Explain state and federal sources of funding. I need to do a 5 paraghraph essay?

Explain state and federal sources of funding. Explain if you would choose to be taxed on what you earn or what you buy. Think of three reasons to support your choice.

I need something about tolerance/accepting some connection etc.?

i am writing an essay of tolerance an intolerance and i need something about tolerance for example: excepting others to be ur friend

I need help with my homework and it says to see whats alike between an apple and a Dog?

i have to write a persuasive essay about the apple and rhe dog thing.and i need help thinking “what are some similar things between an apple and a dog?

I need help with vampire research ?

I am writing an essay for English, i have to pick a Historical figure, i planned on doing Bram Stoker but the only reason is because he wrote Dracula, I have to write about Bram though and he’s not interesting. I want someone interesting and HAS to do with vampires any suggestions?

I need a killer persuasive essay topic. Not a lame one like the death penalty, or driving age. Please help!?

Why my mom and dad should get back together. (guaranteed tear jerker, even if your M’D are fine. LOL)

I need help writing an essay dealing with Population and Migration….?

using these countriesUnited StatesColombiaChinai have to figure out why people in these areas migrate to other countries and why people emigrate to these countriesplz help!

I need help with choosing topics?

I have to write a proposal essay. I do not have any ideas what to write about. It cannot be controversial or medical related. It must be a general problem, not a personal problem. Thanks is advance!

I need essay help…oscar wilde?

im doing an essay mla format, work cited required, can’t use any .com websites…

I need help starting my higher english reflective essay?

I have to write a reflective essay for part of my higher english folio and i have decided to do it about when i was seriously ill in hospital. Im not sure how to start it though…should i do a flash back effect, or should i start with how it has changed me and what […]