nervous essay

I am so nervous because I have to read an essay at a school assembly tomorrow! Please help!?

A few weeks ago, we had to write essays about what it means to be an American. Tomorrow veterans are coming to my school because veterans day was this week. Anyway, tomorrow there will be an assembly, and my essay was chosen, so my teacher wants me to read it. I am so nervous and […]

What body system does brain tumor affect besides nervous system?

I have this project and I have to write an essay about a disorder. So I choose brain tumor. I know brain tumor affects the nervous system. I need to write what other system does it affect due to brain tumor and the damage of the nervous system? PLEASE HELP ME! THANK YOU!

I’m so nervous for my final exam tomorrow?

i have a social studies written exam tomorrow ! we have to write a essay and stuff and my teacher marks super hard! im very nervous and i feel like crying , i have butterfly’s in my tummy , and i feel like throwing up! someone please help me.

I’m really nervous, admissions advice?

I’m currently trying to get into San Diego Christian College, I’ve got everything in including my:Academic RecSpiritual RecPersonal EssayThe last two things I need to turn in is my Transcript and My ACT scores (taking it in the morning)I’m nervous about those two, because of personal issues my GPA is a 2.2. My home life […]

Nervous about my regents exam tomorrow?

I am taking Global history and Geography regents tomorrow and I’m so nervous. You have to answer 50 multiple choice, write 2 essays. 1 thematic and 1 dbq. I’m afraid I am going to blank out and forget everything when it comes to the essay. If that happens what should I do? I’m also nervous […]

Can someone PLEASE write me a essay about losing the endocrine or the nervous system PLEASE?

we need a creative essay on life with out one of these system or any other with a great introduction paragraph. can someone please write me one.please help dont just tell me to do it cause its none of your business but please write a very,very,very, creative essay on life without any of the systems.