novel? essay

How to start an essay on a novel?

im reading the book the boy in the striped pajamas and I don’t really know how to start the essay the essay has to be at least 200 words help please

What are key differences between the 1897 Dracula Novel, and the 1992 Dracula Film based on the novel.?

I am looking for key differences and similarities to expand and write into an essay. Any extra information provided will be helpful.

What are some famous quotes from count dracula, from the novel Dracula by Bram Stoker?

For an english assignment i have to write an essaysupporting either dracula being evil, or dracula being good.i need atleast three quotes to support whichever ideaHELP WOULD BE GREATLY APPRECIATED!

Where does it describe that Winston wears blue overalls in George Orwell’s novel 1984?

i am doing a essay on this book and i need a quote from the book that says what he is wearing. I remember them saying it sometime in the beginning of the book but can not pinpoint it exactly. any and all help would greatly be appreciated.

While there are characters in the novel to kill a mocking bird who show courage, cowardice is present to. how?

i have to write an essay on to kill a mocking bird about which characters have courage and cowardice in their emotions.

What would you say would be the main conflict/ problem in the novel “The Kite Runner?”?

Okay I just finished reading the novel last night and now I have to write a 3-5 page essay on it about the main problem/ conflict and I have to research the problem/ conflict. In your opinion what do you think is the main conflict/ problem. I don’t think it is war because Amir is […]

MAJOR HELP! How to write a Literary Analysis Essay on a novel?

The teacher is asking us to write an literary analysis essay on a novel we read, describing the techniques used to create the piece of literature. How do you do this properly?

How is Phoebe from The Catcher in the Rye essential to the development of the novel? What does she represent?

I know that Phoebe represent innocence but shes also kind of losing the innocence? like when she asks Holden to stop swearing but he doesn’t? i’m trying to write a essay on this so any help would be much appreciated!

Things Fall Apart…The Novel I need help with this Essay question asap! PLEASE HELP?

Describe the setting(time, place, culture) of the novel. Attend to Achebe’s presentation of the details of everyday villiage life ways in Umuofia, the values and beliefs of the Igbo people, and the importance of ritual, ceremony, socail hirarchy, and personal achievement in the Igbo culture. How is social life organized? What are the important celebrations? […]

Im the novel to kill a mocking bird what are some ways tom robinson shows courage?

i have read the book and for school i have to write an essay it has to be about atticuses definition of courage i need to find some quotes from the book as proof for why tom robinson is couragous and i only nead a couple more if you could give me som it would […]