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What are some contributions that The Odyssey has made to our culture?

I have an essay on this question and I also need to know what contributions one of these others have made on our culture (The Aeneid, The Prince, or Candide). Just one of them please. Any ideas?

Help with Odyssey essay?

Does anyone know of an online academic article (or site where I can find one) that discusses the odyssey? And Not a literary criticism, I mean something discusses a certain theme or themes within the book. Thanks.

Read the first paragraph for my Odyssey essay….?

So, our teacher told us to write a essay on why Odysseus is a hero in Homer’s epic poem. All feedback is welcome and appreciated! This is a really really rough draft just to let ya know……Spider man returns an old women’s purse, Superman whisks a new born baby away from a burning building seconds […]

I need a cocky quote from or about odysseus in the odyssey.?

plus page number please.im doing an essay about how odysseus in the odyssey is a bad leader and the only thing im missing is a quote that shows odysseus is cocky. ive already got “if ever any one asks [him] who put out [his] ugly eye, tell him [his] blinder was Odysseus, the conquerer of […]

Suggestions for a good hook for an essay on the Odyssey?

I’m writing an essay on the Odyssey that takes about the issues of hospitality and the differences between good and bad hosts. I need a good hook that goes along with a thesis ” Undoubtedly, it’s clear to the audience the message of hospitality in The Odyssey by Homer.” Any ideas? Thanks! User tags:hooks about […]

Is this a good introduction for my odyssey essay?

My essay topic is how Odysseus character changes in the epic The Odyssey. I think my thesis statement is a bit of a run-on but I’m not sure so help please?thank youu ”I long for home, long for the sight of home…. (Odyssey 9.127)” are the words of Odysseus who is the fictional character in […]

Can you please help me correct my Odyssey essay? It is due tomorrow.?

I really need help trying to correct my paper. What is an epic hero? An epic hero is a main character in an epic that’s legendary or heroic actions are central to his or her culture, race, or nation. In the Odyssey, Odysseus portrays an epic hero with characteristics including bravery, intelligence, and strength. One […]

Help with The Odyssey essay!?

I have to write an essay on the bird signs in The Odyssey the Robert Fitzgerald translation and I need 6 examples but I only found four! I need the bird, the interpreter, and what the interpretation of it is was. I have an eagle carrying a goose which means that Odysseus is coming home […]

Odysseus character traits in The Odyssey?

I have to write a 4 paragraph essay on the odyssey. the first paragraph covers the introduction, THE SECOND AND THIRD PARAGRAPHS COVER CHARACTER TRAITS, and the last paagraph is the conclusion. I need to choose two of the nine character traits of Odysseus listed below.physical strengthmntal quicknessbraveryrespect for the godsleadership abilitiesperseverancefairnesshonesty self-controlWhich two traits […]