out? essay

I didn’t save my last document on my microsoft word and i exited out, how do i get it back?

My dad just exited out my document with my essays for school and I really need them back! Help!

Hey, can someone help me out? I have to write an essay and I need a good begining.?

I have to write a critical lens essay on ” All literature shows us the power of emotion.It is emotion, not reason,that motivates characters in literature.” I know i can us the that as my beginning,but I need a valid interpretation of it to? I have to do this for my honors English class.

Teacher/Student Relationship HELP HE IS CREEPING ME OUT!?

I’m a 14 yr. old soon to be 15 yr. old girl and my teacher is in his 20′s somewhere and things have been weird lately and here it goes:He is ALWAYS starring at me, he basically gives me the complete answer on how he wants or essay organized, and today when I went to […]

Can someone help me out? Grammar help for essay. Please correct and revise the SECOND SENTENCE.?

“A growing amount of women and children from Vietnam are trafficked to South Asian countries such as Cambodia, Thailand, and China. A large percentage of whom would be sexually exploited, some voluntarily and involuntarily, the latter moreso. “

I’ve got a month left of university and I’m feeling burnt out?

I’m doing my honours just now and I’m just so tired all the time. I finished my dissertation a couple of weeks ago and since then it’s been manic! I feel like I haven’t had proper time to myself for months – my course is constantly on my mind. I spent night and day on […]

I need help…. really…. this is freaking me out!?

Last night, i fell asleep after finishing my homework. I fell asleep so quickly that i forgot to put my away my paper and pencil. I wake up, notice i didnt put my paper away, pick it up and notice i wrote over my essay…it said:im scaredim scaredim scaredand now….im terrified.

Im 16 i just moved to a new school and the mtv producer to made is coming should i try out?

the problem is since im new not many people know me and they have to wrie an essay to vote 4 me on why they think i should be made

When wrighting a story/essay how do i map it out?

Im wrighting a book but im not to keen on how its suppose to be done…Do i wright a story map or just my ideas

I have sort of plagiarized, and now I’m freaking out?

I had an essay for school, and I just couldn’t get started. So I found a website where people upload old papers, and there was a 4 page paper on my subject. Less than 1 page was relevant though, but I took some heavy inspiration from that. That is, I think 3 paragraphs in my […]

Please help me out!?

1) Fill in the gap with only ONE suitable word:People feel good _____ themselves when they know they have improved their fitness.2) Rewrite the sentences, using the word given:That essay was excellent!—> What…………………………………