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What comes after the third paragraph C+E Essay.?

Okay I have to do a cause and effect essay for my english class and I was wondering what comes after the third paragraph.I have this much:-Thesis-Causes-EffectsWhat now? It has to be five paragraphs (at least). What do I put after it?Oh! And if you could tell me how to do my research page. We […]

Does this paragraph make sense? (Jesus was just a very special human)?

I’m writing an essay… this isn’t the opening part I was just wondering about the last sentance.Jesus’ appearance was that of an average human, he had no glowing halo around his head at his time of living and was not always the image of perfection as he is often portrayed in biblical pictures. He also […]

Does my paragraph on capitalism sound good so far?

I am writing an essay against capitalism, and this is my third paragraph supporting against capitalism.The third reason I disagree with the idea of capitalism is because of the possibility of that it is not sustainable in the long run as long as the population increases. Not only that, but there has been a lot […]

How can I write a five paragraph essay on the system of checks and balances?

what should i write about in each paragraph?

Suggestion about 5 paragraph essay topic “What American Tradition That Should Be Banned”?

The tradition I chose is buying an Easter dress for Easter Sunday. I need 2 more reasons to write my 2nd and 3rd body paragraphs. The first example for my essay that I am using is the cost, so what is your opinion about why buying new dresses or suits for Easter dresses should be […]

Is this a good 3 paragraph essay? Please help me improve it?

“The reason i believe that i would make a good addition to [Insert school name here] is that i get motivated to do the best i can when other people are around as apposed to home-school when it’s just my mother and I. I think that the all around experience that [Insert school name here] […]

I would like to make my introductory paragraph a lot stronger…English & grammar pros needed.?

I would like the essay to flow better and have better vocabulary”You are always traveling somewhere!” Friends would tell me every time I was on my way to somewhere new in the world. I would not think of it at the time, but I realize now that I have been privileged with experiencing many different […]

What is a good concluding paragraph about school shootings caused by bullying?

I’m writing an essay and I can’t think of a striking paragraph!

Can somebody revise my intro paragraph?

I just wrote my intro and I want to make sure it a strong one to build my whole essay around. It’s on The Crucible and how Elizabeth Proctor has been loyal throughout the whole play.Here goes..In The Crucible, Elizabeth Proctor, John Proctor’s wife, portrays loyalty to herself and to her husband all throughout the […]

What is a good structure for an introductory paragraph?

i’m writing an essay and i need to have a good intro. i need a structure for the introductory paragraph.