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MOLLY BROWN/LENA LENGARD Part one comparison essay feeback please!?

Although Willa Cather’s My Ántonia is a fictional novel based on her accounts of growing up in the unsettled plains of Nebraska, parallels can be drawn between the vivacious characters in her books and real live ones in American History. This is supported by the obvious fact that the story’s setting is nonfictional. However, other […]

Forgot to put Essay Part (A, B,C) on the last essay on the AP World test?

Would they deduct points for this or would they figure it out?

Help on cited page needs to be verified in MLA format. part 1?

Work Cited Bloom, Harold, ed. Andrew Marvell. New York: Chelsea, 1989. Bloom, Harold, ed. John Donne and the Seventeenth-Centuary Metaphysical Poets. New York: Chelsea, 1986. Friedenreich, Kenneth, ed. Tercentenary Essays in Honor of Andre Marvell. Hamden: Archon, 1977. Marvyn, Richard, dir. Metaphysical & devotional, 1590-1670[videorecording]. Princeton: Films for Humanities, 1987.

In The Movie To Kill A Mocking Bird, what happens at part with the rabid dog?

Like what was Jen and Scout doing and how did they get Atticus to shoot it? Please Help! I got a Essay due Tomorrow!

Tightness in upper part of chest- anxiety attack?

Hi,Im a student at university (final year). I’ve been at home for a month and a half now, working and studying. I’ve had so many end of year essays and a dissertation (that was submitted on monday), I then felt ‘relaxed’. But then I had to focus attentions to another exam I have to prepare […]

“The value that an important part of being alive is to experience, understand, and enjoy nature.”?

Why is this quote important and how does this value relate to your life?I have to write an essay on that quote, and I need some help. Thank you!

Part 2 of my essay please read after part 1….?

He knows he is in bad faith but his egocentric view of freedom refuses to be accountable for his relationship as he references here without putting his name behind his character, “(Jacques talking first) ‘Because you get a comfortable life out of the situation, and an appearance of liberty: you have all the advantages of […]

On my essay part of my introduction i start by asking questions where i will later answer?

on my revised rough draft she asked me to “address them” rather than ask them and somehow I’m stuck. i will copy past my questions here and can u help me on how i can rearrange it to address it and not ask instead? “this is how i start it’This brings us to some questions […]

Should high school students have part time jobs before graduating?

im doing an opinion essay about this, and would love to know why or why not highschool students should have part time jobs

Did natural resources play a part in the conflict england and ireland?

help me. it’s 2 am. I’m trying to finish an essay. i cant find the answer to this anywhere. please help me. i want to go sleep