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What score do I need to get on my essay for California High School Exit Exam (CAHSEE) to pass?

The scale is 1-4do I need a 3?

Would I pass the CAHSEE if I wrote the wrong type of essay?

For the English portion, they said to write a persuasive letter to my principal. I wrote an essay instead, then realized it was supposed to be a letter. I squeezed in, “Dear Mr. Person:” above my essay, and “Sincerely, …” after the essay. I wasn’t sure if they’d count it in, since the, “Dear Mr. […]

I can’t seem to pass the CAHSEE English?

I have taken this test for so long and I’m 20 years old. I’m currently attending Adult school that practice English by teaching grammar and learning how to write an essay.I remember way back in high school. I went to tutoring by staying after school, I had taken class for it. I don’t know what […]

My teacher grades too harshly and now I might not pass. What do I do?

This semester at my community college I am catching up on requirements for transfer admission to the California State University system and I have to take another fine arts because I can’t count the second semester of choir that I took anyway, I chose to take Intro to Theater which is like a history of […]

How to pass english class?

ok i live in in toronto everywhere its english. i know how to speak and write english as you can see… ive been in a full french school my whole entire life in toronto. ok im going to an english school for grade 8.and i want to be on average or above average. any tips […]

At Birkbeck college UK, what is the required attendance rate to pass a course?

I’m doing a part-time degree at Birkbeck in London, and am now one lecture / seminar away from the end of term. Now, to be perfectly frank I have only attended about 50% max of the classes, some due to illness and some due to laziness. However, I have completed all essays and assignments.Is this […]

Do you think its necessary for students to pass the CAHSEE?

Im having a persuasive essay about the CAHSEE, and i was wondering what thoughts you guys had about passing the CAHSEE. Do you think its necessary? Why should or shouldnt students need to pass this crucial test? Please state your opinions on the issue. Thanks

How do I write a essay to pass the ged test?

You are being graded on how well you can express yourself and grammer. Write on a subject that you personally have experienced with. Such as “The Reason I Dropped Out of High School” Know when to use periods (no run on sentences), Question Marks, quotations, exclamation marks, Parenthesis, spelling, know when to use Capital Letters, […]

How can i pass my AP World History Exam?

My test is this Thursday and ive been really studying hard to pass it. Im using the Baron’s test prep book and i also have Princeton’s. I think i can pass the mutiple choice but i am really worried about the essays. Ive heard that the DBQ isnt too hard but the FRQ and Compare […]

Can u pass your courses with c-? or is a c minus a fail?

i got a c- for my english exam. (no surprises there).and a c+ for a english coursework essayand im not exactly sure but definately above a c for my other english coursework essay.basically have i passed the course.? User tags:is a c minus passing