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Two people who are successful in their minds?

I am writing an essay on how I believe success to be a mental state, meaning that someone doesn’t have to have all of the things that people consider “successful”, like large amounts of money, being famous, or whatever, provided that they are happy and content with their lives, and consider themselves successful. I have […]

Why did President Jackson’s policies and campaigns against the national bank make him a man of the people?

This is pretty important. It’s for an essay, and I really just need a good solid answer. It can be anywhere from one sentence to a whole paragraph, and I won’t plagiarize your work, I will just take the main idea and draw my own conclusions based on that. Also, 10 points to the best […]

How did the textile industry affect people during the british revolution?

I am doing an essay in school and would like to know how the changes in the textile industry affected people during the British Industrial Revolution. I already have a lot of pointers, but I could use some more facts! Thank you.

Which groups of people are most victimized in Canada?

I have to write an essay on the victims of crime in Canada, and who is more likely to be victimized and why? If anyone could help by telling me the top three victims and where to find the information it would be greatly appreciated. Stats Canada is not working right now so i cant […]

Do u know the site where we can submit essays and the people buy it?

Do u know the site where we can submit essays and the people buy it ? anyone

Beowulf book essay SMART PEOPLE NEEDED!?

explain fate? are we in control of our destiny? is life uncertain? what role does fate play in the epic beowulf? what is beowulfs attitude torwads the future and his impossible death and what does this reveal about the Angol-Saxon beliefs?

Those people that want to be a doctor, do they actually become a doctor?

I ‘ve read – well seen, many essays of people wanting to become a doctor, but do they actually become a doctor? Many are from, of course, middle school students and high school students. Even little kids say they to.

May someone please give a few reasons why the government should help people with cancer.?

this is for my essay writing.

How do people feel about cosmetology ? Do yall feel like it is a job/hobby or career?

Im writing an essay about how cosmetology is more than just a hobby and how it can be a career and support the lifestyle that you want.

Irish people are originally from Northern Spain?

I’m reading a book about the history of Ireland. It states that around the year 500BC north Spaniards Galician Celts came to Ireland and settled there. Also in the north of Spain, the bagpipe is the national instrument. Just wondering if anyone else has some info about this. I have to do an essay. thanks.