person essay

How would you describe a person who is suffering from cancer and the health is deteriorating by day?

I needa use for essay, thank you v much!

Can a teacher lower a grade for disliking a person?

A teacher of mine lowered my ESSAY grade because he allegedly favored another student over me. My grade was 6 points lower than the other student’s, and the other student wrote an essay of the same quality if not worse than mine. Can this be justified, and if not, what can I do about it?If […]

In the catcher and the rye is holden an insane person or a sane person in an insane world?

i need some help for my essay i need a good thesis and body paragraphs any help is good please and thank you

What difficulties could a Jewish person face following Kosher rules in Britain today?

I’m doing an essay on Kosher and need some help pls

What important person has the birthday of June 2nd?

i need to know for a report. the report is going to be about: write a 2 page report about the difference between you and someone with the same birthdate. Include similarities and differences. Then write a 5 paragraph essay about their biography. i want someone really important, either that or a celeb.

What are some reasons a person deserves to win a car? Need answers ASAP?

theres a contest in my english class and we have to write an essay on why we think we deserve to win a car and i have no idea where to even start. pleaseee help mee!

Who would be a good person to compare Edgar Allan Poe to for a comparison contrast essay?

I need to write a compare/contrast essay for english and I want to do it on Edgar Allan Poe, but I’m not sure who to compare him to.

Are you a successful person that only made average grades in college?

I am a visual arts major and plan to teach when I graduate.I make A’s in all of my studio classes.. it seems to be a huge competition in my head to get the highest A and if i don’t I beat myself up over it for not being the best.but when it comes to […]

Ok, if a person has a psychological problem ‘committs a crime, is the capital punishment then cruel & unusual?

Another question that I would like answered for my essay. And where does one stand on this point?

When writing an essay on a person, how do you make it your own, instead of just a copy and paste?

when talking about their background and influences etc.?i’m finding it hard to put everything into my own wordsany advice?thanks in advance