please!? essay

Help with ‘A view from the bridge’ please someone?

I’m in Year 11 and one of my assigned coursework is ‘A view from the bridge’, which I already have done but the teacher returned to me today as I totally flopped it. The question for the coursework piece is: Describe the relationship between Eddie and Catherine in ‘A view from the bridge’Can someone please […]

Edit this please? i will reward 10 points?

i had to do a essay for fashion class about Giorgio Armani. Here is the beginning of my essay. Can anyone tell if its okay, and edit it for spelling and grammar ? thank you! On January 31st Lady Gaga light up the red carpet as she arrived in an outfit that looked like a […]


So I need help on my essay thesis, here it is so far: Is Isabella truly a loving wonderful girl that is different from others, or is Edward just blind? Besides Isabella so many other girls find Edward attractive, except Edward finds Isabella attractive the most, yet Isabella continuously thinks that she is nothing special. […]

Can you correct this? French to English please xD?

hi, i’m trying to send a message in french to a guy, but my elementaire 4 is not enough to make such a difficult sentence.. in english:”but of course, we think men with long hair are really sexy, but if they use glasses too, that drives us (women) crazy *-*! at least to me (it […]

I need a killer persuasive essay topic. Not a lame one like the death penalty, or driving age. Please help!?

Why my mom and dad should get back together. (guaranteed tear jerker, even if your M’D are fine. LOL)

PLEASE help me with my college essay…?

ok i have an essay..i have to have an argumentative essay between two apposing writers on the same subject. and my subject is helmet to helmet contact in the nfl. and i have to write summaries of the two writers.. how would i state this? she is very strict which is bullshit but. i am […]

PLEASE HELP WITH A MIDSUMMER nights dream essay?

i need to write a five paragraph essay on which couple in a midsummer nights dream is the best example of true lovegive me as many reasons why you think a certain couple is the besttell me why you think the others aren’t better examples of true lovePLEASE PLEASE PPLLEEAASSEE

Someone good at maths please help me with my mark?

for my degree in order to get merit one has to get 60+. 50+ = pass.there are two aspects, 1) four modules with one essay for each totally 30% of the entire course in creditsthe 2) aspect is a 15000 word dissertation worth 70% of the entire coursefor the 1) aspect, i got 53 (pass)for […]

Can someone please read my essay and correct any errors?

Can someone please help me with my essay? 10pts? Thank you so much. .One of the most interesting people I’ve ever met is Vincent M. Spade. Vincent M. Spade is man who most people would consider mysterious because of his attire. Although he lives an ordinary life, his job as a spy makes him stand […]

AP BIO Diffusion/Osmosis Essay! Please Help! Time Sensitive?

Here’s the question…Thank you so much if you can help me set it up!A laboratory assistant prepared solutions of 0.8 M, 0.6 M, 0.4 M, and 0.2 M sucrose, but forgot to label them. After realizing the error, the assistant randomly labeled the flasks containing these four unknown solutions as Flasks A, B, C, D. […]