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Our teacher has asked us to explain one problem that we feel exist in this world, what we want to do about it, and why it matters. I chose bullying. I feel that is a huge problem that exist in this world. However, I’m somewhat stuck on my body paragraphIn my first body paragraph, I’m […]

Edit this please? i will reward 10 points?

i had to do a essay for fashion class about Giorgio Armani. Here is the beginning of my essay. Can anyone tell if its okay, and edit it for spelling and grammar ? thank you! On January 31st Lady Gaga light up the red carpet as she arrived in an outfit that looked like a […]

Can anyone help me? I have an essay about a dramatic change… can someone proofread it! 20 points!?

Can someone help me proofread edit and revise my story its looking bad and I need help Can some one proofread it by like copying and pasteing it nd editing it or someone cud help me by just giving me sum strong opinions I wud appreciate them both! it if u like it just keep […]

I have an essay on Euthanasia. I’m in favour of it…however, can you think of any points?

So far I have points including that it relieves the elderly from pain, it is a freedom of choice, it frees up hospital beds for those who need the help to overcome their illnesses (that can actually be cured) and it relieves funding for hospitals and families.Is there anything else you guys can think of?

Can you help me make a title for my essay? Get 10 points!?

Can you help me make a title for my essay? Get 10 points!?I’m writing an essay about the documentary “Unkown White Male” which is about a man loosing memory of his entire life.I am writing about how he rediscovered himself in the process.I was thinking of the title “Known White Male”But does anyone have any […]

Please help! this is extremely important! will give 10 points to best answer!?

I read julius caesar by shakespeare and now i have to write an essay. I need to explain who the 3 main characters are, who are caesar, brutus and cassius (I already know who they are) and then explain what their actions were during the play and the outcome of their actions (that is that […]

Describe the feactures of satellite moon gathered till date by scientists ? 10 points essay question….?

If you would translate your query into comprehensible English, I might try to answer. Are you asking about data collected by artificial satellites of our Moon or something else entirely?

I need help w/ my essay! is it good enough to enter in a contest?! ten points best answer!?

we had to write an essay on y our veterans should be honored. is it good enough?What is your idea of a hero? It may be a person who is willing to do anything for something they truly believe in, no matter what the cost. It may be someone who is willing to give their […]

Can someone help me with my writing assignment for 10 points?

Writing Assignment:Using the novel Dr. Jekyl and Mr. hyde, the poem The Rime Of The Ancient Mariner, and the video, the Picture Of Dorian Gray develop a three part essay, five paragraphs, discussing whether the evil side of man is controlled or not controlled by man’s goodness and society’s laws. Be sure to include examples, […]

Check this writing for me please…10 easy points?

i had to pick a cartoon character and compare to myself…so can u check my writing and how can i make the first pargraph more interesting… Lisa Simpson is one of the main characters in the animated television series called, “The Simpsons”. There are various similarities and differences between Lisa Simpson and myself. One major […]