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Positive and negative effects of legalizing interracial marriages?

I am writing an essay for my sociology class and would like some help brainstorming. What are good and bad effects of legalizing interracial marriages? Why would they a law banning it in the first place? Any ideas are appreciated.

ASTE SYSTEM IN INDIA ESSAY! How does it promote cruelity (+ examples of cruelity) and how it is positive?

Simple, please help if you have any information, or give me websites?

What are some positive aspects of abortion?

I am aware that abortion is killing. but i am still pro choice.i’m writing a persuasive essay on the positive aspects of abortions and why they should be legal.not saying that everybody should get one, but it is your choice after all.so far i have;ruining their life1.5% of teenage mothers go to college1/3 graduate from […]

I need 3 body paragraphs for a college essay due today on the positive impacts of cultural globalization.?

Really struggling have been for a few weeks. I’ve been browsing online but I keep getting mixed information and I am honestly lost. very frustrated!

In the Scarlet Letter do you think the scarlet letter ended up having a positive or negative effect on hester?

I’m writing an essay that argues that the scarlet letter had a positive effect on her. Just having difficultly finding evidence to back it up… any help will be appreciated.

What is a good negative to positive quote?

i’m trying to think of a good hook for my essay. I’m thinking like “sometimes through negative ________ brings positive outcomes” or something like that.Does anyone have any kind of ‘negative into positive’ type quotes?

Question for Positive Thinking skeptics?

Hi guys,I’m looking for an article or an essay that criticizes the positive thinking movement. But the internet is so inundated with this stuff, that it is hard to find with a Google search. Do any of you know where I should look?I’m looking on the grounds that it is dismissive of all the negatives […]

What are three positive justifications for the current size of our bureaucracy?

Writing an essay I really don’t have a clue about. Please help me out!

Positive and Negative Traits about Brutus?

Im doing an essay on brutus from Julius Ceaser . I need to explain how he could be a great leader and what is positive and negative about him being a leader.

Was the impact of 19th century imperialism on Africa positive or negative?

I need to write a 5 paragraph essay Can you please help me out.Here are some positives and Negatives:Negative Effects Much of the land was taken by other countries. There was little land that belonged to any native Africans. Splitting up ethnic groups into separate countries, combining enemy ethnic groups into the same country. More […]