practices essay

Compare and Contrast the main practices and beliefs of Tibetan Buddhism with Mahayana Philosophy?

can anyone help me with this essay question?thank you

I need help with an essay. i need a person tha is important today tha practices one of the 3 major religions?

the essay’s description is:Identify and research the work of any person who is practicing any one of the major western religions (Judaism, Christianity or Islam) and is using that religion to help others or bring about peace in the world.please if u have any suggestions on who i can write about please tel me

How did buddhism affect existing laws, social practices, or culture? (10 points)!?

Please note this is NOT a direct history question…It is some info I need to finish my essay…

How male figures in Hamlet have knowledge ideas practices and values relating to today’s society?

Thesis: Shakespeare has cleverly constructed characters with knowledge, ideas, practices and values that relate well to today’s contemporary society through acts of love, revenge, and betrayal in his renowned tragedy, Hamlet. I must write an essay with a paragraph backing up this thesis about Hamlet, King Claudius and Laertes. This is proving much more difficult […]