presidential essay

Did george herbert walker bush go to his wife for presidential advice?

writing an essay on his family life. Any facts about his commitment to them while president?

Presidential inauguration ?

I have the opportunity to maybe go to the presidential inauguration. It cost quite a bit, but i think i can get most of it paid for. Im not sure, i will know more in a few days. There is a scholorship contest for it, you have to right an essay, and a local buissness […]

Government Presidential address help? Please i apreciate it!?

So im writing a presidential address speech/essay thing and i don’t really know where to begin like i have to include 2 domestic policy issues and one foreign policy issue and explain what they are and how i can change it. any help would be great please and thanks everyone who helps! =D

What are some comparing and contrasting facts on Theodore Roosevelt and Tafts views on presidential power?

I need to write a two page double spaced typed essay on this question from two quotes that are stated in the text book. one quote from Taft and the other from Roosevelt. basically Roosevelt believed that his duty was to do anything the nation was in need or demanded for and Taft believed that […]

I need help writing a half a page to a page essay on the 2008 presidential elections! thanks :]?

hello. i need to write a half a page to a full page explaining the 2008 presidential elections. please”thank you :]