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A English model essays book for primary school?

I want to buy a good English model essays/composition book for my daughter. Can anyone help ?

Why is it important to have both primary and secondary sources in an essay or report?

First, you need to know the difference between a primary and secondary source. A primary source is the original source document, like the Bible or a historical figure’s personal journal or the Declaration of Independence. You need to have the primary source in order to know what was said, was written, or occurred. A secondary […]

What’s a primary source document on the electoral college?

I’m writing an essay answering the question”Should the Electoral College be eliminated?”I need a primary source document. Suggestions? User tags:electoral college mini q answer keyelectoral college mini q essayelectoral college mini-qelectoral college mini-q answers

Whats the best essay book for primary level?

where can i get marking scheme for primary level?what is the best way to teach mathematics and science for primary level?

Is drawing or sketching of a photograph a type of primary source?

I am currently doing an essay on The Daintree Rainforest. I can’t go there to take photographs and I don’t know anyone who has been there.Could someone please give me some ideas on obtaining a primary source?If I draw or sketch a photograph, will it consider as a primary source?

Does anyone know a primary resource about iconoclasm or Irene the empress for my history essay?cant find one?

it would really help if anyone could direct me to one. the only one o found was on medeival sourcebook and ts not a very good primary resource.this must be a document written in the byzantine time.please help if you can, i’m so stuck thank you so much in advance if you help me out!

Macbook air 11inch as a primary computer?

I now have the $1199 macbook air and realized the for the same price I can get a 13 inch macbook pro. I am a college student and love the portability of my 11inch air, however it IS my primary computer, and I’m wondering if down the line I’m going to wish it had more […]

I have an Interview tomorrow at a uni to become a primary teacher!?

I have to write an essay of around 250 words explaining why maths should be taught in a school. Does anyone have any good pointers?!

Research and find one major primary document from the Civil War?

what is a major primary document from the civil war that would be easy to write an essay on and not too long?

Where can I find Primary Sources for my essay on the Watergate Scandal?

Hello,I’m currently writing an essay for AP World History and I chose the topic of Watergate. My bibliography needs at least 10 sources that are “Primary”. Where can I find digital documents and the like online?