program? essay

What program should I use to type my Short story?

I need to type a 8 page long essay and I’m gonna have to print it out later on. What should I download for free and easy.

Is there a pc program or software i can download to my computer to help me with spell checking?

like a program that helps me with my essays to see where i misspelled a word

Can i get into a 6/7/8 med school program?

Ethnicity:ArabGPA:Weighted is 98.7 Attends 43 best high school in country Sat2: 750 us history, 700 bio Sat: PendingAwards1. 8 Honor Rolls (3 Freshmen year, 2 Sophomore Year, 3 Junior Year) 2. 4 Merit Rolls (1 Freshmen Year, 2 Sophomore Year, 1 Junior Year) 3. Highest Average in AP Psychology (2009-2010) 4. Perfect Attendance (2007-2008), (2009-2010) […]

Probability of being accepted to grad school if I take classes before applying into the program?

I am honestly very desperate to get into Boston University. The first time I applied, I was denied acceptance. My grades are all A’s with few B’s. My personal essay rocked. I honestly can’t see myself going anywhere else. How much would my chance of being accepted into the program increase if I were to […]

How do I send a document if the person I’m sending it to does not have my word program?

I have to send an essay to my teacher, but I know the school computers don’t have my word program which is WordPerfect. They have the standard Microsoft Word. How do I send it to my teacher so that it is readable? I was thinking about just pasting it into the email itself, but since […]

How do you sell yourself to be accepted into an Honors Program at College?

I need to write a 500 word essay on why I should be accepted into my school’s honoros program, but I don’t know what to say other than I’m smart, a hard worker and dedicated to my studies. Any tips or ideas on what else I need to say?

Ryerson Acceptance, for anyone who has been accepted into the photography program at Ryerson?

HiI applied for the image arts-photography program at Ryerson a few months ago and waiting to find out if i will be accepted is just killing me. Im pretty confident in my application but i would like to know what you were accepted with ( grades, portfolio, essay topic/types, extra credit) so that maybe i […]

What do you think of this program called ” C yourself out of here”?

Basically, it is a program at my cousins old high school that if you get all C you can get a 500.00 scholarship ( there is more to it, like an essay and recommendations from teachers) i am just wondering do you think the school is just settling or do you think this will motivate […]

What do I need to start a scholarship program?

I want to start a scholarship program for a small school in a small Nevada community. Do I need file anything with the IRS or the school district. I was just going to get a bank account put money in it and have the students fill out an application and then depending on how many […]

Can anyone tell me how much the Constellation Program would have cost if not canceled, including your source?

The Constallation Program was initiated by Bush and was later canceled by Obama, and it was a project of NASA. I need to know how much it would have cost to go through with the program, and for my essay, I need to know my source so I can cite it.