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Proof read my college essay :)?

okay so this is my first time writing a college essay it may not be the best but please revise it and see what i can do to improve it.btw my essay is about how my son changed my life )here it is:The eyes of the angel looked straight at me, innocence indescribable. My heart […]

Proof that Dr.Armstrong from the book “And Then There Were None” that he is the murderer for an essay! HELP! ?

Ok so I got an huge essay due 5 days from now and I need evidence to point to Dr.Armstrong’s guilt as the murderer.. A motive would be nice and quotes… Just put all evidence in point form and instead of writing down the whole quotes just give me the page.

I need help. Please Proof read my personal essay, does it make sense.?

Facing my Fear I’m15 years old, and still when I dangle my feet over the edge of my bed in the dark. I know that scary, clammy hands will grab my ankles and drag me down to a dark hell of terror and death. This is never a conscious thought, but when my feet hangs […]

Proof read my Romeo and Juliet essay (Easy 10 Points)?

Romeo and Juliet are renowned as one of the most popular lovers to date. But was it true love or lust? Romeo and Juliet belong to two separate rival families and yet, they get married within one day of knowing each other. Romeo also on the side of speculation, a couple hours before meeting Juliet […]

Can someone proof read my essay please?

I need to hand it in tomorrow anybody want to check for spelling mistakes and grammatical error?and maybe suggest on improvements to my content?thanksI’ll email it to you

Proof read the following paragraphs?

This is an essay I’m doing for school. It’s a biographical narrative. I would appreciate if you can improve my vocabulary, since I did this in like 30 minutes. Michael Weaver grew up in a family of four. His mother, an older brother, and a younger sister. His mother is a single mom taking care […]

Can someone proof read this paper for me?

If i have any run-ons or comma splices, at my college automatically gives me a C. Can you please read over my descriptive essay and let me know if its okay?The Ocean There is only one place where I am completely at ease. It is the only place that I’ve ever been to that is […]

Could you proof my essay please? I’m writing this for a scholarship.?

“Show me your friends and I’ll tell you who you are.” That’s what my mom said as she was enrolling me into Cleveland High school. One of the many words of wisdom my mom used to keep me on the road to success. I had recently been at a private school for two years. I […]

Please help me proof read my Italian essay?

I’m missing prepararsi somewhere in here .apparently I used it wrong but it in here somewhere please make it work.I’m missing dovere and potere…please also add that because I’ve tried a billion times but I can never get it-_-. next to the sentences there are pranthesis …that’s what i need to fix and stuff. Please […]

Can someone proof read my french paragraph please?

can you check the grammar dont correct punctuation or if i dint use accents. here it is. i changed some of the info so i dont get like stalked lol. its an about urself essay. it wont effect the errors tho. plz fix ittttSalut, je m’appelle Giovanni et je vais au St. dfgsdfhsCatholic High, Mon […]