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Our teacher has asked us to explain one problem that we feel exist in this world, what we want to do about it, and why it matters. I chose bullying. I feel that is a huge problem that exist in this world. However, I’m somewhat stuck on my body paragraphIn my first body paragraph, I’m […]

Bible question essay?

1 choose review song 2 following and write ( including 2 biblical references)

I have an essay question on men and women in the workforce and would like everyone opinion pls :)?

Hi guys! Essay question:It does not really matter if, as some educationalist claim, boys struggle in the secondary education system because they will still earn more in the workforce than women. Argue for or against this statement. All opinions would be appreciated.Also sources of the information would be good too!

Question on types of depression?

What is the feeling of crankiness, sadness, low-spirited, sleeping a lot.. for several years , thoughts of suicide-fall into?I researched several types like the bipolar depression but this is basically when you get episodes of feeling ‘high’ and ‘low’, which is not what im lookng forSo what would be the medical term for the aboveim […]

LAPD California police exam written test question?

So my husband is preparing to take the police exam to become a member of the LAPD. For anyone that knows this process, he has already taken the Preliminary Background Application online. He has an appointment in a few weeks for the PQE written test, polygraph, PAT and background. My question is that we are […]

What is a good essay question based on dreams?

Hey guys, basically I have to make up an essay question and answer it. I picked dreams as my topic but I can’t find any good and not so vague questions to research on. Can you help me by suggesting some relevant and sensible questions unlike ‘why do we dream’ or ‘does ‘. Also it […]

Essay Question for Bush Supporters: describe the historical foundations for the concept of the separation of?

Church and state.

Car question?

I’m writing an essay.. what are some things a car can do to endanger a child, while the child is riding with you? For example: tires, steering wheel, etc?

A view from the Bridge essay question? Help?

I have this question saying “How is Eddie’s reputation shown to be of great importance to him?” and I am not sure of how to write it. I know I should write some stuff about Marco (the spitting and the chair) and how other people respect him, but how do I answer the actual question?How […]

I NEED YOUR HELP>>> english 10 question… HARD?

Satire is a kind of writing that ridicules human vice or folly for the purpose of social reform. Each satirist writes to accomplish a specific purpose, in addition to the general purpose of achieving some kind of reform. For this essay, you will discuss three purposes (general and specific) for satire and three methods used […]